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10 Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet of 2021 – Product Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet of 2021 – Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you have trouble getting the perfect sports shoes for your feet? If yes, you are not alone. Several athletes complain of the prevalence of wider options. When this happens, your feet sag in the shoes.

Sometimes, your toes push against the tip of running shoes, giving untold discomfort and stress. Often, wearing the right shoes can make the difference between an exceptional exercise session and a painful, boring one.

Also, several brands, designs, and materials fill the market, making it herculean to select the right option. This article will talk about the best running shoes for narrow feet, giving you a detailed analysis of the top products in the market.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet – Comparison chart

Brooks GHOST 13 1. Brooks GHOST 13
  • 3D printed design
  • Reduced weight

Check Price for Men

Check Price for Women
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20
  • Possesses a guidance system 
  • Ensures alignment 

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New Balance 1080V10 3. New Balance 1080V10
  • More customizable
  • Top USA quality

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New Balance 990V5 4. New Balance 990V5
  • Compacted fresh foam
  • Highly responsive 

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New Balance 1540V3 5. New Balance 1540V3
  • Sturdy roll bar 
  • Luxurious foam layer

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Brooks Addiction 14 6. Brooks Addiction 14
  • BioMoGo DNA 
  • Extra softness 

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New Balance 1260V7 7. New Balance 1260V7
  • FuelCell Technology
  • Innovative Air Mesh 

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New Balance 840V4 8. New Balance 840V4
  • High EVA content 
  • Seamless Edges 

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ASICS GT-2000 8 9. ASICS GT-2000 8
  • Best running shoes for women 
  • Convergence GEL technology

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Brooks Glycerin 18 10. Brooks Glycerin 18
  • 3D printed saddle 
  • Four-way design 

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Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet – Product Reviews

Our Top Pick

1. Brooks GHOST 13

Sleek, Versatile Design
Brooks GHOST 13

286 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked It eliminates heel pains. The weight is minimal.  Perfect width-to-size ratio. Increased cushioning and pleasure

Things we didn’t like Only a few colors are available.

If you are looking for beautiful and innovative running shoes, the Brooks Ghost 13 ranks the highest. It is arguably the most popular and preferred among athletes. Thanks to its reduced weight, it provides comfort throughout your exercise and running venture.

Moreover, you can easily lift your legs without extra effort. It has cushions, which might add little to its overall weight. However, they help to absorb pain and reduce impact while running. Besides, the top-most edge surrounds your feet perfectly, without any stitches.

The Brooks Ghost 13 possesses a narrow width, with a variety of sizes. Its unique design makes it versatile for different categories of users. It contains enough cushion in the midsole section to provide you constant comfort while running.

Another important attribute of this running shoe is its breathability. Its mesh upper leverages a mixture of sophisticated engineering and 3D printing to ensure your feet remain cool and dry. Also, the top edge has an innovative stretch for improved support. To make the top-foot area more flexible, it contains Flex Grooves. Similar to typical Brooks’ running shoes, this model has a large toe section.

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2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Contains Guide Rail

301 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Excellent arch design Naturally durable and sturdy Perfect heel-hole transition Attractive appearance

Things we didn’t like It drifts greatly from previous models.

When it comes to a perfect mixture of support, balance, and cushion, the Brooks Adrenaline ranks very high. It provides added stability and rigidity for the runner. Compared to the previous model, this version features specially designed mesh at the top edge area to give a unique appearance and perfectly fits your feet.

For better pronation feel, it has innovative guide rails. As a result, it offers improved support. It suits your feet perfectly in the midsole and outer-edge regions. The weight of the shoes is negligible. Runners who experience over-pronation while on the track can relax and run without any pain or discomfort.

Thanks to its narrow-fit design, it gives runners better stride and confidence while on the track. Moreover, the cushions are very soft, highly flexible, and easier to transition between the heel and toes. Essentially, the shoes exist to enhance smoothness, softness, and balance in a race.

If your feet feel narrower than the average ones, you have nothing to worry about. With its unique guide rail system, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 ensures your body remains in alignment with your feet. Moreover, the design features an excellent support base for your feet.

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3. New Balance 1080V10

Highest Amount of Cushion
New Balance 1080V10

269 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Large breathing space Suitable for long runs It eliminates Plantar Fasciitis. Increased comfort

Things we didn’t like Initial stiffness Significant weight

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for long-distance running that delivers the best comfort and stability, the New Balance 1080V10 towers highest. Moreover, it has a range of designs that cater to several feet types.

Meanwhile, it contains a midsole design that works like a shock absorber. Thanks to its luxurious “fresh foam” addition, it protects your feet during impact. This feature makes it very suitable for a pleasurable jog. Also, it increases your track confidence.

Furthermore, this innovative foam syncs well with the shoe. Compared to other designs that contain several foam layers pressed together, this single piece has lesser chances of fracture and disintegration. Moreover, the carbon output of this design is much less, making it more environment-friendly. Also, it gives a distinct feeling of stability.

Besides, considering other products from the New Balance fleet, this fresh foam has the highest degree of responsiveness. It stretches readily, breathes with ease, and provides sufficient support to the arch. In the same manner, it gives enough room to the entire foot for firmness and consistency.

Extra Narrow

4. New Balance 990V5

Extra Narrow
New Balance 990V5

385 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked It covers above and below-average narrow feet.  Long-lasting and durable Supportive and ergonomic shape Painless running

Things we didn’t like Difficult breathing at the upper edge The toes are prone to blisters.

Although there are several shoe designs for narrow feet, many still find it difficult to get the perfect options. There is no need to worry, thanks to the New Balance 990V5. Similar to typical New Balance running gears, they have a wide range of options for all customer segments.

Moreover, this model is more customized and personalized for the typical user compared to a one size fits all design. Remarkably, it can function as casual footwear with minimal stress. Its iconic structure, coupled with an amazing cushion style, makes it stand out.

Furthermore, its ergonomic frame provides user comfort and confidence. Also, it features a sleek appearance that makes it suitable for all outdoor events. Both the top and outer edges are perfectly shaped like the feet to prevent pain and stress while running.

Besides, the New Balance factory is in the United States, giving it a homegrown advantage. They use the best of materials under the highest conditions of quality and manufacturing process. However, due to its high labor costs and extra tariffs, it sells at a higher price.

Read Full Review: New Balance 990V5

5. New Balance 1540V3

Controls Motion Perfectly
New Balance 1540V3

419 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Iconic styles It redefines comfort for flat feet. Impressive support frame

Things we didn’t like It has an extended length.

The New Balance 1540V3 has similar attributes to the 990V5. However, it takes sturdiness and support to a higher level, giving users more control and balance on the track. Besides, it is available in a range of options for different feet width and size. Its narrow model is well-suited for all categories of slim feet.

Its classic design gives it a unique look. Compared to the 990V5, it has enough room for fresh air circulation between your toes. This feature keeps you going, even in a hot summer. Moreover, these shoes look just as perfect on jeans, as it looks on a tracksuit or jersey. If you prefer an array of colors, the New Balance 1540V3 has your covered.

Although they are heavier, in comparison to other models, they offer excellent support for your feet. Furthermore, if you have flat feet or are just starting to run, the New Balance 1540V3 is your perfect choice. It has an innovative base to protect your feet. Other exciting features of these shoes include well-padded heels, a sturdy roll bar, and a luxurious foam layer. Moreover, the outer edges have sufficient traction.

6. Brooks Addiction 14

Suitable For Running and Walking
Brooks Addiction 14

312 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked It gives the body perfect alignment. Suitable for conventional walking High versatility Excellent for low-arched feet

Things we didn’t like Runners with high arches will find it uncomfortable.  Small sizes

The Brooks Addiction 14 features a unique shoemaking technology called BioMoGo DNA, perfect for providing a luxurious cushion to the midsole. Moreover, it is customizable for individual athletes.

The BioMoGo DNA allows us to cater to long runs and even middle distance races, with minimal stress and discomfort. Also, it is perfect for different occasions without looking awkward.

Furthermore, it contains a diagonal roll bar that offers ongoing support to the whole foot while running. In the same way, it gives you self-assurance and stability when walking. You are in full control of your poise and stride.

Precisely, it provides a haven for runners in all types of races. It comes with a crash pad, which has segments on its heels. The sock liner also contains sufficient cushion to protect your feet during impact. It has a seamless heel-to-toe transition and gives you an additional feeling of calmness and softness. Thanks to its high adaptability, it reduces stress on the midsole, as well as outer and top edges.

7. New Balance 1260V7

Increased Stability
New Balance 1260V7

332 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Cozy and close-fitting Sleek outlook Innovative mesh upper A perfect combination of cushion and style

Things we didn’t like Tiny toe box It might be too hard for some athletes.

If you are looking for running sneakers that combine brilliant cushioning with substantial stability, the New Balance 1260V7 is the right choice. It gives significant support to the runner as he tilts his or her frame forward during a race. Besides, with its very slim feet, it conveniently captures the athlete’s feet. This favors extended running sessions.

An exciting feature of this pair of running shoes is its distinct midsole, which comes from FuelCell containing massive amounts of nitrogen. This midsole technology ranks highest in terms of support, convenience, and stability for the runner. Moreover, it helps low-arched athletes to level up against the ground, reducing pains.

Also, the New Balance 1260V7 contains air mesh for maximum breathability during multiple races. Regardless of environmental conditions, it ensures your feet are cool. Besides, you have to worry less about shocks and impact, thanks to its outsole design. It contains blown rubber to absorb a substantial amount of shock and stabilize the feet. Furthermore, it merges style and quality, making it a premium gear for athletes. Meanwhile, there are different color options that you can choose from.

8. New Balance 840V4

Supports high-arched feet
New Balance 840V4

357 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Classic design Perfect for neutral runners It combines taste and quality.

Things we didn’t like It might wear out quickly.  Minimal pronation support

The New Balance 840V4 is the physical definition of comfort for the athlete. Thanks to its distinct Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) materials, it assures you of ease and coolness while running at different times of the day. Even when you are sweating, it keeps your feet at an optimal temperature. Its breathable mesh allows your toes to exchange heat with the surrounding. Thus, it prevents overheating.

Furthermore, it features neutral cushioning, making it perfect for athletes whose arches are high and relatively stable. In other words, they neither pronate (roll inwards) or supinate (roll outwards) frequently. They are more flexible than their stable counterparts. Besides, it eliminates discomfort on the knees and shin. For athletes that experience plantar fasciitis, its neutrality helps to combat it naturally.

Moreover, the top-most edge has a seamless curve, which soothes the toes and protects them against the ground surface. If you experience substantial wear on the outer edge of the soles of your shoes, you need to consider the New Balance 840V4. The midsole has enough cushion, which serves as padding to the feet, and keeps the shoe lightweight. However, it lacks inbuilt support.

Best for Women

9. ASICS GT-2000 8

Women Best Running Shoes
ASICS GT-2000 8

283 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked It features innovative technologies.  Slimmer mid-foot design Appropriate length-to-size ratio

Things we didn’t like The midsole drags behind other sections.

Although the male version does not fit into the narrow category, the female version is perfect for women with narrow feet. The “AA” label represents its slim design, which is for the women alone. Coupled with its snug heel design, it keeps the narrowest feet in position throughout the race. Besides, it supports the whole feet and gives self-assurance to the runner.

One of the highlights of the ASICS GT-2000 8 is its distinguished convergence GEL innovation. It keeps the feet soft and aerated, even in intense heat. Moreover, it supplies enough cushion to the heel and upholds the feet. Furthermore, the midsole features an extremely light Flytefoam that makes it very responsive. Besides, it contains some EVA materials, which makes it bouncier.

The top-most edge has reduced weight compared to previous versions. It gives a refreshing feeling and an enhanced airflow movement. Moreover, it keeps the toes in a constant state of breathability. These qualities make it the perfect choice for athletes that experience increased pronation and require more stability. Meanwhile, the GT-2000 8 has a guidance mechanism, which is useful for new runners to solidify their strides.

10. Brooks Glycerin 18

High Cushion for Women
adidas Men's Adizero Boston 8 Running Shoe

289 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Extended feet dryness while running Ergonomic and durable It supports other outer usages.  Flexible design

Things we didn’t like Pricier  Smaller toe box

Similar to the ASICS GT-2000 8 sneakers, the Brooks Glycerin 18 is a women-only shoe. In addition to being very narrow, it has a massive cushion to caress your feet and keep them fresh throughout the day. It makes users feel excited and full of confidence. Meanwhile, its cushions do not add extra weight to the shoes. Rather, it remains lightweight and easy to lift. Furthermore, it is very flexible.

To ensure a seamless stride throughout the activity, it sports a gentle design that contains a fluffy transition area. Besides, the midsole remains soft and responsive regardless of distance, weight, or time. It also fits perfectly into your foot, thanks to the 3D printed saddle. Moreover, the edges feature an innovative design to capture the whole foot.

Another exciting highlight of the Brooks Glycerin 18 is the Air Mesh feature. It is a four-way design that allows your feet to expand at will. As a result, runners can experience dry feet since their toes continually exchange air with the surrounding. Moreover, it contains pressure areas, which divert the impact elsewhere. Besides, it keeps the feet protected during shock and delivers a pleasurable feeling.

Buyer’s Guide on Selecting the Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet

One of the essential factors behind the success of an athlete is his/her shoes. If he selects the wrong ones, he risks pain, discomfort, and ultimately failure. Moreover, the importance of the right running shoes for athletes with narrow feet cannot be overemphasized. Your toes trace the inner edge of the soles perfectly, thus giving them the freedom to flex as often as possible. Besides, it increases your confidence and self-image. Moreover, you need to consider the upper, outsole, midsole, length, and flexibility of a pair of running shoes before making a purchase decision.

Shoe Upper

This refers to the top-most portion of the sports gear, above the sole. Older shoe designs featured layers of linen pressed together to make them. Some underwent mesh sewing, while others used glue. However, newer designs leverage innovative technologies like 3D printing and knitting to produce one-piece gears. As a result, they are less prone to tear.

Moreover, you should consider an upper that traces the shape and contour of your foot. It should run seamlessly along your feet at every point it touches. It should be neither bend nor chaff when you insert your foot.

Shoe Outsole

This portion of the sneakers touches the ground surface. The major materials used for its construction are foam and rubber. Since it continuously interacts with the road while running, it needs to be strong and durable. Moreover, these compounds increase their lifespan and enhance flexibility. Moreover, you should consider narrow running shoes that offer significant traction and longevity with minimal addition of weight. Ensure that its sole shape syncs with yours for more stability. Otherwise, it might lead to discomfort while running.

Shoe Midsole

Here is another important component of running gear that you should pay attention to before buying. The midsole is the foam compound that lies between the upper region and the outsole. Its function is to protect the athlete against impact and shock while keeping the feet firmly in position. Check for the thickness of the midsole, and ensure it has sufficient flexibility.

Shoe Length

This is the distance from the tip of your big toe to the base of your heel. Often, runners with narrow feet end up with above-average lengths. Moreover, as you run, your feet expand within the shoes. You need to check for the drop between your big toe and the top-most edge of the running sneakers to ensure they are appropriate.


A good question to ask yourself before paying for running shoes is – how flexible are they? Because when they are not flexible, your foot is prone to certain injuries like plantar fasciitis. To prevent such an occurrence, you need to determine the flex point of the shoes. A simple method to find it is to press the toe area against the floor while holding the heel. Then, observe where the crease and curve come up. This should be the flex point.


This term refers to the shoes’ ability to absorb moisture via sweat and eject it to the surrounding. It gives room for air to interact with the foot, especially during the hot weather. Moreover, breathable shoes protect your feet against overheating and blisters.


If you are a long-distance runner, you need to pay extra attention to the stability of your running shoes. Due to constant motion, the foot muscles might not have enough strength to support the body. However, stable shoes provide the necessary support and guidance to keep the feet in shape.

Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet FAQs

How do I know if I have narrow feet?

By simple observation, you can determine whether your feet are narrow or not. If you notice that your foot has the same length as a shoe, but leave significant space from the edge, you might have narrow feet.

Can I readily find narrow shoes?

There is no straightforward answer to this, although wider options are more readily available. Firstly, since more people have wider feet, it makes sense to produce wider shoes in larger quantities. Secondly, they are more comfortable than their narrower counterparts. However, some fashion brands produce slimmer options for females due to their small legs.

How can I lace my shoes to make them more suitable for my narrow feet?

Presently, there are different methods of lacing footwear to add some extra tightness to them. Consequently, if you have narrower feet, you can try them out.
The first method is to use a conventional technique. Start with the right side, insert the lace in the top-most eyelet, and follow through on that side to form a loop. When you are done, repeat for the left side. After this, you can link both sides by inserting them in adjacent loops. Finally, draw the laces forward and upward to make them more snugly. Subsequently, you can traditionally lace both shoes, with increased tightness.

What is my footbed width? How can I measure it?

The term “footbed width” refers to the measure of space between the outer sides of your foot. That is the widest lateral distance on the contour of your foot. Here is how to measure it. One, get a large sheet of paper that can accommodate both feet. Two, place it on a level floor. Three, get a pen or pencil to trace the outline of both feet while you stand on the paper. Four, measure the longitudinal and lateral distance of the outline.

How can I manage my narrow feet?

You need to know that having narrow feet is not a disability. Moreover, it is part of your genetic structure, which makes you unique. However, when you ascertain that your feet are narrower, endeavor to get insoles that touch your foot width perfectly. This will eliminate any extra space between your foot and the shoe edge and make it tighter.

What are the best running sneakers for narrow feet?

Brook Ghost 13 ranks highest in our list of narrow running shoes due to its massive cushion and support for the foot, superb experience for the runner, and its lightness.

What running shoes run narrow?

Several brands produce narrow running shoes. Some of the most popular ones include Brooks, New Balance, Asics, Nike, Saucony, and Mizuno.

Do Nike running shoes run narrow?

Nike produces narrow shoes. However, they tend to be narrower than expected.

Do Saucony shoes run wide or narrow?

Generally, Saucony produces wide shoes. However, they have great narrow running shoes as well.


You will find everything you need to know about the best running shoes for narrow feet in this review. This article is a product of extensive research to analyze each of the shoes listed above and their unique attributes.

Besides, we have listed the essential factors you should consider before swapping your credit or debit card. Some of them include shoe upper, outsole, midsole, length, and flexibility. Moreover, we highlighted their impact on your feet while running.

Overall, the best running shoes for narrow feet is the Brooks Ghost 13 because of its exceptional support and cushion, lightweight, and the amazing feeling it inspires in the user. Moreover, the most versatile running shoes for narrow feet is the New Balance 990V5, thanks to its ergonomic design, high-end quality, and superb stability.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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