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The GloRun Locker Room
The GloRun Locker Room

We here at GloRun share a simple premise about running: that if you run slow enough, eventually you will run fast.

It's a tried and true formula. This approach to running is called different things, but to us it means running is fun. Running slow is fun for two reasons: when you run slow, it's less grueling, which makes it more fun, and when you run easier, you're a lot less likely to get hurt. When you don't get hurt, you run more. You get faster. You have more fun. That's the idea behind our company—it's that simple!

We also love products—not every product out there, but some products. We like to review them here on our website, give our insights as normal runners or what some would call "hobby joggers," and talk about what we like and don't like about said product with the knowledge of real world runners with normal jobs and life demands who are passionate about running.

We are also passionate about data, nutrition, and fueling, so we try to provide information on all those topics here on our website as well. We try not to get too caught up in anecdotal results though; we prefer data-driven observations.

It's time to run.

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