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Brooks Ghost 13 Review

Brooks Ghost 13 review

Our Unbiased Reviews of Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

All the hypes around Brooks Ghost 13 persuaded me to do a detailed review of the pair. I must say, the pair checked for all my criteria for good running shoes and impressed me deeply.

Brooks Ghost 13 Review is not just an update of its predecessor Ghost 12, it is more like an overhaul. With a lightweight, extra cushion, and vented upper, the shoes make running a breeze.

The key update that the brand made to Ghost 13 is its cushioned foam that runs from toe to heel. This way, the entire bottom gets recruited in pampering your feet while running.

This enhanced cushioning lends you a smooth ride, swift transitions, and better shock absorption while running. It makes running as fun & easy as humanly possible.

In short, if you run long miles every day and are looking for a true companion for your feet, bet on Brooks Ghost 13. The shoes have all my nods to be called as one of the best running shoes. A long trail of happy buyers only confirms that.

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Brooks Ghost 13 Review: A Detailed Analysis of Its Features

Brooks Ghost 13 has all the essential features in place to call it one of the best running shoes by the brand so far. From cushioning to breathability, all features are up to the mark and of top-notch quality. Let’s take a detailed look at the features that make the shoes a quality product:


The upper of the Ghost 13 is made of one-piece mesh. This use of one-piece mesh and the absence of any seams makes the upper ultra-smooth on your feet. Thus, there are literally zero risks of getting irritations while running.

Brooks Men's Ghost 13, Black/Black, 11 Medium

The upper mesh is a bit stretchable. This way it is able to wrap around and accommodate different foot shapes. The toe area is also made a tad wider for a comfortable fit.

You will notice a large vent area at the forefoot with large grooves all over the place. This pushes the heat and moisture out of the shoes and keeps the temperature in check. Eventually, you can run for more hours.

Overall, the upper mesh is very smooth and pliable.


The sole area of the shoes is where Brooks has done all the magic. The entire sole is laden with Brooks proprietary DNA Loft foam. The foam starts from the heel and extends all the way to midfoot and forefoot. This makes the shoes cushioned at every inch.

Brooks Men's Ghost 13, Black/Black, 10 Medium

The added cushioning allows you to take your strides with confidence. You won’t feel any fatigue or burn even after long training hours. The DNA loft foam is very effective at absorbing shocks and returning energy up your legs.

Next, comes the rubber outsole that only adds to the comfort. Despite being extra thick for a pair of running shoes, the outsole is very pliable. The flexibility of the outsole supports all your moves while training.

Heel Counter

Brooks has intelligently inserted an internal counter at the heel area. This heel counter is contoured in a way that it can tightly lock your feet in place without a miss. As a result, even on a long-running day, you do not feel any heel slippage.

Brooks Men's Ghost 13, Black/Black, 10 Medium

The foam below the heel is slightly thicker than in other places. Thus, it can take every last ounce of pressure off your feet.

Moreover, the lining around the heel area is extra-padded. You will feel a plush experience as soon as you step-in into the shoes. Add its smooth upper and cushioned insoles into the mix…a truly pampered experience!


The entire Ghost series by Brooks is known for its durability and reliability. With Ghost 13, this durability has only increased.

At the first touch of the shoes, you will be able to feel the use of premium material in the making of these shoes. The shoes are designed for heavy-duty use, all day long, and without a stop.

Brooks Ghost 13 has hundreds of positive reviews and many second-time buyers. These are good indications to have good faith in the durability of the shoes.


Brooks Ghost 13 comes with neutral support. This means the shoes offer support to the arch without a stabilizing feature. This way the shoes do not pose any restriction on the foot movements of the runner. Instead, they allow them to flex anyhow they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brooks Ghost 13 Good for Running?

Yes, Brooks Ghost 13 are one of the best shoes for running available in the market. Owe to its DNA loft foam, the shoes are suitable for beginner to advanced level runners.

Are Brooks Ghost 13 Stability Shoes?

No, Brooks Ghost 13 are not stability shoes. They come with neutral support. Such support allows complete freedom and no restriction on foot movements.

What’s the Difference Between Ghost 12 and 13?

The enhanced cushioning is where Ghost 13 shines over Ghost 12. The Ghost 13 comes with an added foam at the forefoot, midfoot, and heel areas. This way, no matter how your feet hit the ground, you will receive full cushioning all the time.


The verdict of Brooks Ghost 13 review is clear. These are undeniably great running shoes for everyday training. No matter if you train on the road or track, you will feel a smooth ride all the time.

The comfort and reliability of the Brooks Ghost 13 have only increased with the new launch. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can start your training with these shoes. The shoes won’t make you disappointed for sure. Hope that helped. Thanks!

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