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8 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022 for Men’s and Women’s

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Have you ever wondered why your favorite pair of the shoe remains on your wishlist?

People with wide feet often fall prey to such situations, and trust me, having such wide feet, I know what it feels like.

It’s important to know that now popular shoe brands are much more flexible in show size. But the problem of finding the best running shoe for wide feet remains a challenge to any runner, whether professionals or fitness-conscious persons, a nice and comfortable pair of the shoe plays a more significant role than any other accessory.

That’s why in this article, we have gathered eight shoes to review and help you find the best product for you. Not only does the shoe come from popular and trusted brands, but we have also tested each of them specifically to suit a runner’s requirements.

Also, we have divided the shoe categorically so that you can figure out the best choice.

But first, a few important tips.

How Do I Know Shoe Width?

To get the right shoe for wide feet, you need to be aware of how to know the right size. The best practice is always to walk into a store and physically fit the shoes.

At the shoes’ store, you will find some numbers that respond to a letter for the width.

Here a table to help you with the general width sizing for both men and women.


2E: Wide
4E: X-wide
6E: XX-wide
Larger than 6E
D: Wide
2E: X-wide

What Causes Wide Feet?

Wide feet has several causes, they include:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Improper footwear
  • Foot deformities
  • Swelling
  • Pregnancy

Here are a few details about these causes:


Wide feet can be genetic. A person can be born with wider feet. People with flat are also prone to wider feet.


The ligaments and the tendons of the body tend to loosen with age. Similarly, the feet also tends to grow wider and longer as one grows.

Improper footwear

Some foot deformities come when we wear shoes that don’t fit properly. According to studies, 63-72% of people wear shoes that don’t fit well, leading to issues such as wider feet.

Foot Deformities

Some deformities such as calluses, bunions or hammertoes may lead to wider feet. Research shows that a third of the U.S adults population suffers from bunions.


Medically, swelling is referred to as Edema. The condition can lead to temporary wide feet, which go away if the problem is treated. Moreover, some specific health conditions, medications, and fluid retention can also lead to edema.


Sometimes, wide feet is caused by the hormone relaxin. The hormone causes the joints and ligaments to be loose around the feet. As such, many pregnant women tend to develop wider feet, especially during the second and third trimesters.

Top 8 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Brooks Ghost 12 – With DNA Loft Cushion

If you’re looking for a sneaker that is light in weight and does not compromise on the cushioning, then you will find these shoes from Brooks’s ghost store perfect.

Even if you are trying the shoes from the ghost brand, you will find more to like in these shoes. These best running shoes is for neutral shoe runners, and neutral support offers excellent cushioning. These shoes are best for running on the road, cross-training, and even for the gym.

The BioMoGo DNA LOFT cushion combines and offers extreme softness and comfort without compromising on durability and responsiveness, along with being light in weight. The engineered mesh upper and fit print on the brooks adrenaline gts shoe adjusts according to your feet and provides structure.

The segmented crash pad has a shock-absorbing system that cushions all your steps and offers heel-to-toe smooth transitions. The speed experienced by the runners wearing this brooks adrenaline gts shoe is said to be lightweight and comparatively faster and also streamlined, which is an excellent addition to have that extra speed that you require.

The connect which is experienced by the runners is also lightweight and highly flexible to provide you with a natural and yet comforting experience. Runners who are looking for a lightweight shoe that will provide a natural run should go for medium connect. Likewise, runners who need a little cushioning in their shoes and the natural feel should go with the minimal content.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9 Shoes – With Ortholite Sockliners

The great shoe from New Balance Store has a comfortable rubber sole to provide support to your feet and has 100% synthetic fabric type.

These best men and women’s running shoe for wide feet comes with new foam midsole cushion type technology which offers extreme comfort and support to wide feet. The new balance store has updated its extremely popular new balance fresh foam shoe with the help of the real runner’s feedback.

They’ve been able to launch the stunning shoe that has comforted these runner’s wide foot with the help of a full-length extra fresh foam midsole, which has been beautifully represented in the superior double jacquard upper.

The main aim of the New balance store is to assist athletes in accomplishing their goals. The company does not believe in spending money on celebrity endorsements; instead, they prefer to invest the money in research and development.

The perfectly designed engineered mesh and the optimum bootie construction of these shoes for broad feet have been able to hold the place of being the most acceptable athletic shoes. People with high arches also find these fantastic shoes perfect for their wider feet.

The width of the shoe is extra wide, which is suitable for runners with wide feet. Users find the shoe extremely comfortable as they are very light in weight and very attractive. There is enough room for your toes in the toe box, and the shoe is very nicely cushioned in the heel.

ASICS GT-2000 9

The Asics GT-2000 9 is among the cost-friendly and high-quality wide feet shoes, thanks to its wider toe box. It’s also among the best stability shoes in the market.

The shoe is extra-wide and performs well on long distances.

The Asics GT-2000 9 comes with various modifications. The outsole features the AHAR+ material in the heel area, a carbon rubber material that increases stability in the shoe.

Moreover, the shoe features the ASICS high abrasion rubber (AHAR) in the forefoot. The material ensures that this shoe can last for hundreds of miles.

At the forefoot, the shoe features horizontal flex grooves, which help to increase stability.

The shoe’s midsole is of Flytefoam. The material ensures that the shoe is firm and offers a responsive ride. It also ensures that the shoe remains lightweight.

The Asics GT 2000 9 has much gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel areas. The cushioning helps to counter the firmness of the flyte foam.

The Dynamic DuoMax feature helps to provide stability of the ASICS GT 2000 9. You will find this duo-density foam on the medial side of the foot.

As you run, you can feel the density of this foam. However, it is not overbearing.

The shoe also features the Guidance Trusstic System. The lightweight plastic plate offers torsional rigidity and is found on the midfoot’s bottom area of the shoe.

The fit and the feel of the upper have also undergone some improvement. The shoe features an improved mesh that is more breathable and flexible.

The upper of this men and women’s shoe also has a seamless construction. As such, it has no points of irritation whatsoever.

What’s more, the Asics GT-2000 9 runs true to size. It will offer you a snug fit experience throughout your running.

Altra Torin 4.5 PlushFor An Ultimate Luxury Feel

These wide running shoes provide your feet a chance for a luxurious run. The running shoe’s midsole provides a lightweight experience.

You have a royal experience along with the comfortable and locked-in feel. It is also a good shoe for bunion.

This trail shoe is among the best running shoe for wide feet. The upper knit has been upgraded to deliver brilliant performance, and the midsole provides a lightweight ride and excellent response. This trail runner for extra wide feet has been made in the USA.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 – With EVA Sockliner

These are shoes for wide feet as they require balance and flexibility for their comfort. The mesh upper is very light in weight and has a 3-color print, which is digital and provides complete breathability.

The leather used in the running shoes is durable and overlays stability as it locks your midfoot. Soft feeling and high comfort are delivered by the Eva sock liner used in the running shoe. The cushioning midsole, which is charged, uses molded compression foam for excellent responsiveness and high durability. The cushioning is optimal and ensures the energy used by the runner is less.

All the high-impact zones are covered by the solid rubber outsole that establishes durability with a lesser amount of weight. These running footwear are suggested for runners who require a balance of flexibility and also cushioning. The fabric type is 84% polyester and 16% elastane which is of high quality. The material that is used in the sole of the wide running shoe is synthetic. These shoes are suitable for people with extra broad feet.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23With U4ic and U4icX Technologies

The Mizuno wave rider running shoe features the midsole, which is of the dual compound and uses U4ic and U4icX new technologies responsible for exhilarating runs. Ultra-soft and supreme fit and comfort are delivered by the Mizuno wave rider cushioning technology. This technology is paired with an excellent lightweight and a breathable mesh, which helps control the temperature and deliver unwavering performance.

The Mizuno wave rider new technology of cushioning deliver ultra-soft fit and comfort. These shoes for wide and extra-large feet are both lightweight and breathable. The mesh upper is highly responsible for controlling the temperature inside the shoe, which also ensures breathability.

These narrow feet running shoes are the best for runners with wider feet and under pronation to very slight overpronation. It is recommended that people who have moderate overpronation can go for wave horizon three or wave inspire 15.

Hoka One One Arahi 5 With EVA J-Frame™

The fantastic shoe for broad feet are perfect and highly recommended for running. The sole is made out of high-quality rubber. The outer material of the running shoes is covered by mesh.

The initial phase of the Meta-Rocker shoe, a slightly curved sole that supports fast and smooth transitions from heel to toe.

This wide foot type shoe by Hoka one by Arahi has yet again brought an excellent quality product in the market which offers comfortable support. The Hoka one delivers us a smooth ride along with being supportive without compromising on the performance of the shoe.

Nike Revolution 4 – With Molded Pods

The running shoe offers a minimal design, and is exceptionally light in weight, has a single layer of mesh covering the outer layer of the shoe. It provides breathability, and the soft foam offers comfort beneath the foot and also responsiveness.

The moulded pods deliver surface traction. These pods often flatten on any impact then spring back again, which creates a piston effect that offers responsive cushioning.

The extra soft foam midsole provides lightweight and also assists us with comfort and cushioning. The wide shoe provides structure and support for an extra comfortable ride.

The rubber outsole of full length delivers us with durable traction and optimum cushioning to run for a longer distance. No-sew overlays and eyestays deliver durability along with keeping the shoe lighter in weight. The mesh is of a single layer and provides breathability to the running shoe. The sole is imported and is made up of thick synthetic rubber.

Buying Guide

Flexibility & Stability

A perfect balance is necessary between stability and flexibility. While running, the shoe should be flexible enough to support your muscles and protect them from injuries. On the other hand, over-flexibility can also hinder your movement.

With proper stability, you get proper traction, grip, and control over your movement. In case you are suffering from overpronation or other feet problems, you should opt for shoes that offer high stability. They will support your feet properly and make your running experience comfortable.

While opting for high stability shoes, check for cushioning. Proper cushioning elevates the stability of the shoes. Also, you will get a comfortable fir with proper cushioning and have a smooth running experience.


Comfort plays a crucial role when looking for the best wide feet running shoes. The shoes should have enough toe box width so that your fingers can splay comfortably. High flexibility favors comfort as the shoes can properly trace your movements and support them properly.

With a wide toe box, it is necessary that the shoes don’t scrub with your feet. The extra scrubbing can cause blisters, which can be quite painful. Mostly, with proper socks, you can avoid the issue, but extra rubbing is not suitable for running. Also, your feet should fit the shoes appropriately.


While running, your feet will get hot and build a lot of moisture. So, it is crucial that the shoes should be breathable enough the maintain the temperature. The moisture will cause a stinking smell and sores on your feet.

With high breathability, you can enjoy long runs without facing these issues. You will never want that your feet stink after every hike. So, look for options that are made with breathable materials.


With a lot of running, shoes must have a high threshold against regular wear and tear. You will never want to invest your money in a product that will get damaged after some time. The shoes have to hold their ground on their own.

Good material and proper construction elevate the durability of the pair. So, while selecting, look for the seams, stitches, and overall finish of the product. Waterproof material also provides extra protection against water damage. Waterproof and water-resistant shoes will provide extra protection and keep your feet protected. However, this will decrease breathability. So, deem about both the points and your requirements before purchasing a pair for your feet.


How your shoes fit your feet is vital to have a comfortable running experience. Too tight or too loose shoes will ruin your experience and may even cause injuries or land you in challenging situations. So, getting the right fit is very important to have comfortable running

Your feet should not feel suffocated in the shoes. With broad feet, it is a little tricky to find the right pair. Sometimes, if you go for a higher number than your feet for extra width, then the shoes will have a loose fit, which is not appropriate. So, opt for shoes that offer good toe box width and high flexibility.


What brand of running shoes is best for wide feet?

The Brooks Glycerin is an accurate choice for the best running shoes for people with a wide foot. Brand Brooks is well known to manufacture highly comfortable running shoes.

Brooks is considered the best men and women’s running shoe brand in the market. They are also among the best shoes for shin splints.

Does running make wide shoes?

They currently do not provide the shoe in wide sizes, but the request to manufacture shoe for people with the wide foot has been passed along to the team. So we can hope they will be able to provide a wide size in the future On is growing rapidly. Other brands like Cloudswift and Cloudflyer offer various wide sizes. You can check and try them.

Or you can check this article 5 Ways How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Which Nike shoes are best for wide feet?

Nike shoe is an enormous brand with a good reputation. As one width cannot fit all people, so Nike is manufacturing wide and extra-wide sizes as a better fit will yield better performance. Nike Air, Nike Air Zoom Structure, and Zoom Pegasus are the most popular shoes for people with a wide foot.Ques. What running shoes have the

Which running shoes have the widest toe box?

Brands like the ones listed below offer shoes for a wide toe box as per the comfort and fit. You can use the following shoes if you are looking for a wide shoe.
1. Altra Torin 4 plush road running shoe
2. Brooks Ghost 12 road running shoe
3. New balance fresh foam road running shoe
4. Hoka one Clifton road running shoe
5. Altra Superior 3.5 trail running shoe

How do you know if you need a wide shoe?

Therequirement for wide shoes is much more than the width of your feet. It highly depends on the length of the foot and whether if you are a man or a woman. For example, your foot size is 3.75 inches wide, and you are currently wearing size 5, you require a wide fit.


Runners who have broad feet are required to select shoes for walking or running for long distances carefully. We hope the above-listed details about the products would have helped you choose the best wide feet running shoes.

The right choice of shoes makes the ride and fit so much better and helps avoid any injuries and other issues related to feet that can make running or walking an uncomfortable experience for you. Instead, it would help if you select something that makes you look forward to walking or running every day.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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