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New Balance 1260v7 Review

New Balance 1260v7 Review

With over 10 years of expertise in shoe-making, the New Balance is a top-rated brand in the market. The manufacturer uses premium quality materials and incredible cushioning on their shoes without compromising on style. All shoes in their product line have impressive customer reviews and are mostly rated 5-stars.

The New Balance 1260V7 Review is a great replacement of the classic 1260 V6. It comes with a blown rubber outsole which offers more arch support and stability for an overall comfortable ride. This feature is ideal for an overpronator runner as it gives them an edge on their runs.

The shoe features an 8 mm toe drop, for a quick and light responsiveness. With this, you can run faster and longer. The ABZORB cushioning on the outsole plays a key role in shock absorption while the Fuel Cell midsole gives the shoe a spring-like feel.

Moreover, the Balance 1260V7 is true-to-size, has a good feel and is ideal for a flat-foot runner. It is a perfect stability shoe for long runs. This review has everything you need to know about the 1206 V7.

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The New Balance 1260 V7: The Perfect Shoe for Style and Support

The New Balance stability shoe has a fashionable design that adds aesthetics to your running outfit. It blends well with most casual outfits, especially if you buy the thunder/ black color. Besides having stylish looks, the shoe boasts ample foot support from its outsole and midsole.

Its asymmetrical heel and upper mesh are also helpful in providing support and safety feel.

The New Balance 1260 V7: The Perfect shoe for Long Runs

If you are a runner, this pair of shoes would be a great purchase. Its outsole has sufficient traction on roads, and this will prevent you from slipping and skidding. The shoe’s toe box is also wide, giving your toes enough room to spread out during extensive runs.

Its midsole ABZORB material offers great cushion to your entire foot, protecting it from pain-inflicting shocks. According to the customer reviews we found, many people rated the shoe 5 stars due to its overall running comfort.

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Detailed Overview of the Features – New Balance 1260v7 Review


A high-quality blown rubber material goes into the construction of the Balance 1260V7 outsole. This particular choice of material is helpful in providing extra cushioning and giving the user a responsive ride. The blown rubber material has a remarkable energy return, which extends the miles you cover during your runs.

Outsole - New Balance 1260 V7

The outsole material also has another robust feature – the Ndurance technology – on the heel section. This technology gives your heel sufficient cushioning during the landing phase. That is why the outsole is said to provide extra cushioning, especially during runs. The blown rubber material with its Ndurance technology makes the outsole highly durable.

The outsole is also resilient to abrasion, meaning, the shoe protects your foot from every rough terrain you encounter.


The New 1260V7 shoes have that bouncy ride every runner would ever desire. But what gives the shoe this springy feel?

We found that the shoe comes with an ABZORB cushion in the midsole. This material covers the entire length of the midsole, and is helpful in giving the shoe a fantastic spring-like feel. It also helps the midsole to absorb all shocks excellently and protect your foot from pain. ABZORB material is also highly durable.

Midsole - New Balance 1260 V7

The midsole has yet another great feature that runners find impressive – the Fuel Cell technology. This technology is strategically placed along the midsole’s lateral side to give you energy return while running. As such, you can run more miles within a short time in these shoes.

If you are an overpronated runner, the 1260V7 would be a great purchase for you. That’s because they have a Post Applied stability feature in the midsole.

The midsole also has an Ortholite sock liner with anti-microbial treatment to fight lousy odor. The sock liner also gives your underfoot plush comfort.


Just like its predecessors, the New Balance 1260 V7 has engineered light-weight mesh in its upper. However, the mesh in the 1260 V7 has a lot of upgrades, making it superior to its predecessors. Its mesh is soft, lightweight, and durable.

The use of engineered mesh makes New Balance 1260 V7 highly breathable. It’s helpful in keeping your foot dry as there is sufficient air circulation within the in-shoe chambers.

Upper - New Balance 1260 V7

Also, the upper is comfortable and stable, thanks to the no-sew overlays and the asymmetrical heel counters. Besides sufficiently locking down your heels in place, the heel counters also correct overpronation problems.

A majority of customer reviews reveal that most people are not familiar with a cushioned upper shoe. The New Balance 1260V7 gives you that privilege due to its unique Strobel last design.

We can confidently say that this shoe has an overall perfect fit, especially for a large runner. You can just order your actual size since the shoe is a snug fit, true-to-size. However, many runners prefer to purchase a half-size large or small which is also okay.

The shoe features a wide toe box, with enough room for your toes to wiggle. It also has an 8 mm toe drop, which is a helpful feature for faster runs.

Heel Counter

This snug fit shoe has asymmetrical heel counter. The counter has two primary functions: to lock down your heels properly and to prevent overpronation. Therefore, you will not experience in-shoe wobbling that may increase injury risks and slippage.


The New Balance thoughtfully crafted this shoe to make its upper breathable. The engineered mesh upper has ventilation to allow air to circulate within the shoe. Your foot will receive plenty of fresh air to help keep them dry. This is essential to reduce internal slips and fight lousy odor.


Though the price is higher, this shoe has plenty of supportive features for runners. The upper has synthetic overlays that support your feet and keep them in place for a good running experience. Asymmetrical heel counters, together with heel drop, offer support to the heel.

The sock liners also come in handy to provide additional support. They make the underfoot have a plushy comfort besides offering support to your arch.


This snug fit shoe owes its impressive durability to the premium quality materials that go into its construction. First, the outsoles comprise a blown rubber with the Ndurance technology to make the shoes durable.

The midsoles’ and side material – ABZORB – is also highly durable for an extended shock absorption performance. Better still, the engineered mesh upper is lightweight and durable.

Alternatives to the New Balance 1260 V7

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What is wrong with the New Balance 1260 V7

The New Balance is a highly-rated stability shoe with impressive comfort, 5 stars and good reviews. Nonetheless, it has a few downsides which you need to know before purchase.

The first concerns flexibility. The shoes lack sufficient flexion since the outsoles have no flex grooves. However, this has no much implication on the shoe’s performance.

Another downside is the weight. Customer review show that the shoe weighs about 9-11 Oz, which is much heavier than its predecessor. In this case, the 8 mm toe drop comes in handy to offer acceleration. Others complain that the toe box is a bit narrow. The price is also much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the New Balance 1260 V7 running shoe last?

The shoes’ durability depends on your mileage and frequency of use per week. After covering some distance, your shoes will start to wear out, and this is a sign that you need new ones.

You are likely to start experiencing reduced cushioning after covering 500 miles in your shoes. At this point, you will need to buy a new pair.

Can I run in the New Balance 1260 V7 if I have flat feet?

The sock liner in this shoe is what offers support to the foot’s arch. Since runners with flat feet have fallen/ narrow arches, they can get plenty of arch support from this shoe.

Can I use the New Balance 1260 V7 as a running shoe?

Absolutely! They’re one of the best shoes that we found in the market. They have sufficient traction on the road and ample cushioning to absorb shock during ground impact. The shoes fit true-to-size, and have a wide toe box.

Whether your foot is wide or narrow, small or large, this shoe is for you. You get to choose your preferred size and style before purchase. Customer review on most online platforms give the shoe 5 stars rating.

Can I use the NB 1260 if I have a bad knee?

The 5-stars rated New Balance 1260 V7 has a remarkable cushioning feature. The ABZORB material runs across the entire length of the midsole. It absorbs all the shocks, thus reducing impacts on joints. The cushion also spreads to the side and upper. As such, it is an ideal shoe for knee pain.

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The 5-stars New Balance 1260 V7 are ideal running shoes for both small and extensive distances. From our review, we see that they have excellent cushioning in their midsole and outsole. They are also breathable, have highly comfortable sock liners with anti-microbial treatment and delivers a shock-free running experience .

These features gives the shoe overall comfort, stability and durability. After being introduced to the market many years ago, the 1260 continue dominating the market to date. Over time, the brand has found a large customer-base. As a result, the 1260V7 is one of the most rated 5 stars shoe for long runs.

If you need shoes that will serve you for a long time, buy the New Balance shoes. Although the price is slightly higher, they never disappoint.

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