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9 Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy in 2022 [Men and Women]

Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy

Imagine that you love running the way I do but have problems with neuropathy or diabetes, no one recommends you run due to a possible injury and health threat.

It is by using the best running shoes for neuropathy that you prevent injuries. By neglecting the right footwear, it can grow into diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the consequences of which have devastating consequences.

Therefore, investing in the best running shoe for neuropathy is an excellent idea if you’re a runner with neuropathy.

This article looks at the best running shoes for neuropathy. So, be sure to read on for more information!

About Neuropathy

Neuropathy is the pain, numbness, or muscle weakness you experience in body areas that have suffered nerve damage. Also known as peripheral neuropathy, this disease results from damage to the peripheral nerves.

According to research, 28% of the US population suffers from peripheral neuropathy. The disease affects people of all ages.

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On the flipside, neuropathy is also a later complication of diabetes. It will mostly affect the patients whose curves are not steady and those whose blood sugar levels remain high for a longer period.

Continued neuropathy pain and decreased sensitivity can cause falling while walking or running.

If you have a confirmed diabetic polyneuropathy, keep off from any strenuous running or even hikes. Remember, “Life is movement and movement is life”.

Cycling, swimming, walking, and fitness ball exercises are ideal for people with this condition.

Walking faster, about 5-6 km per hour is equal to doing medium-intensity exercise. In addition, driving for 2km a day will have a positive effect on metabolism.

Moreover, having a brisk walk for about three hours is equivalent to 1.5 hours of exercise. This is the recommended weekly standard.

What Are The Symptoms Of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy has the following symptoms:

  • Having sharp, stabbing pains
  • Thinning of the skin
  • A tingling feeling in the hands or feet
  • Having a shocking or buzzing sensation
  • Feel numb in the hands or feet
  • Dropping things regularly from your hands
  • A drop in blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Sexual dysfunction, mostly in men
  • Feeling weak and heavy, especially in the arms and legs
  • Having sharp stabbing pains
  • Feeling like you are wearing a tight sock or glove
  • Excessive sweating
  • Diarrhea

Important Tips About Shoes for Neuropathy

The right shoe for neuropathy should have plenty of room in the toe box for excellent toe splay.

The front of your shoe should be extra wide for a comfortable toe splay.  Avoid pointed pumps or high-heeled boots.

If you are diabetic, the arch of the foot will fall. As such, get a shoe that is anatomically shaped, with a soft insole and arch support

Also, the right shoe should give you the support you need besides having an extra-wide toe box.

The material that the shoe is made of should also be breathable. Leather is ideal here.

A rubber sole is ideal for neuropathy shoes because they provide excellent traction. But the rubber outsole shouldn’t be too thick.

The insole should be flexible and should be able to absorb pressure well. also comfortable.

Don’t forget to look for shoes with a lace-up closure. You want to customize the fit with zero pressure on your feet. So, look for flat shoelaces.

What Type Of Shoes Should I Wear?

·       Were shoes that are adjustable or lace lace-up

·       Wear low-heeled or flat shoes

·       Wear shoes whose soles are cushioned

·       Keep away from flip-flops

·       Wear shoes that have an extra depth design

·       Wear shoes made of leather

·       Wear wide-fit shoes

What Are the Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy?

Brooks Ghost 13 – Best Cushioning

These running shoes by Brooks feature newly engineered mesh uppers with 3D Fit Print overlays. As a result, they remain very breathable while remaining very stable.

Cool air rushes in to keep your feet fresh all day long, thanks to the breathability you receive from the shoes.

They also have flat laces for comfortable fit customization. The laces improve the foot lockdown for a safe running experience. Most runners love how easy it is to tie up the shoelaces for a quick morning run.

The ankle collar and the heel collar have sufficient padding for excellent comfort. This also secures you from any heel pain.

You can also be sure to have soft cushioning from these running shoes. The midsole unit has two excellent cushioning materials for shock attenuation. The BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT midsole materials guarantee soft landing for a comfortable running experience.

Traction is another benefit you receive from these running shoes. The rubber outsole is durable and provides excellent traction on the road.

As such, these running shoes are ideal for road running.

What’s more, the outsole is flexible for natural foot movements.

The running shoes also boast a roomy toe box. You can splay your toes as naturally as possible while running down your favorite road.

Since these shoes have a secure fit, are flexible and breathable, not to mention they have a roomy toe box, they’re ideal for runners with neuropathy. You can also get these shoes in different width options. The extended widths are ideal for large feet.

New Balance 940v4 – Best Durability

The engineered mesh upper feels comfortable and accommodates the shape of your feet. Not only is the upper unit breathable, but it also naturally wraps your feet.

The upper unit also has printed overlays that guarantee a secure fit. The overlays also provide structural support to the uppers without adding weight to the running shoes.

The midsole offers enough cushioning to alleviate your neuropathy foot condition. The ABZORB cushioning material covers the entire length of the midsole. It carries your feet throughout the running experience and absorbs shocks at impact.

The midsole also has a dual-density memory foam material along the medial sides. Its purpose is to keep your arch buckled up for efficient running. Topping it all off is the T-BEAM – a thermoplastic material that makes the midsole rigid for durability.

The outsole material is high-quality, thanks to the Ndurance rubber strategically placed in high-wear areas. The outsole also doles out excellent traction on any road.

The shoe also comes in different width options, up to extra wide size. The extended widths are ideal for different feet.

The blown rubber on the forefoot section of the outsole also comes in handy to provide traction. The forefoot section also attenuates some shocks, thanks to the spongy quality.

With all these qualities, this shoe is also ideal for runners with neuropathy.

Gravity Defyer G-Defy XLR8 – Best Stability

One thing you can be sure of if you opt for these running shoes for neuropathy is excellent breathability.

Their upper boast a 220 needle wool-blend knit with ventilation for letting cool air into the shoe chambers.

The wide toe box also offers unrestricted toe splay. The flat laces offer comfort when customizing fit.

Besides having a secure fit, thanks to the non-slip heel counters, these also offer comfort. They have removable insoles that you could replace with custom orthotics support.

These shoes protect your midfoot from stress. They have a full-perimeter TPU shank for midfoot support.

The TPU shank also provides lateral support to your feet, making the shoes alleviate peripheral neuropathy.

You also receive free corrective fit custom orthotics if you opt for these running shoes for neuropathy. As such, these shoes have what it takes to make you very comfortable.

Besides, the midsole unit has VersoCloud® material for absorbing all the shocks. This cushioning material has a multi-density design for durability and excellent performance.

The outsole provides traction on all surfaces and is very flexible, thanks to the front-rolling design. If you’re looking to reduce your foot pain when looking to run, you want to consider buying these athletic shoes.

Brooks Beast 20 – Best Fit Customization

These types of shoes offer breathability with their engineered mesh upper. If you’re feeling a burning sensation inside the shoes, you want to consider breathable shoes.

Fortunately, cool air rushes inside the shoes to alleviate the burning sensation.

The upper also has a mesh fabric lining for moisture-wicking. As a result, your feet will remain dry throughout your running experience. The lace-up closure help runners with neuropathy customize the fit with zero pressure to their feet.

You could also use stability if you’re suffering from neuropathy. Fortunately, these running shoes feature an external heel counter to stabilize your feet.

The padded collar and tongue comfort your feet, thus alleviating your neuropathy foot condition.

These shoes use BioMoGo DNA material in their midsole. This is a shock-absorbing material that reduces impacts to your feet during foot strikes.

The GuideRails support in the midsole also helps you have proper feet lockdown for a secure run.

Your walking shoe remains flexible and plush since it also has a full-length S-257 Cushsole in the midsole.

The torsional rigidity could propel your running, and it’s a good thing these shoes give you just that. The midsole provides more comfort through its full-length segmented crash pad.

The Abrasion-resistant HPR Plus rubber sole is as durable as it is flexible. This makes it an ergonomic sole.

It also offers traction to anyone wearing this walking shoe that you could also use for your daily runs. Therefore, it is neuropathy shoes you want to consider buying for running.

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 – Best Design

These are the best shoes for runners looking more than pain alleviation due to neuropathy. Their engineered mesh upper allow cool air to rush into the shoe chambers, thereby keeping your feet cool and fresh.

The upper unit also has thin overlays that give the midfoot and toe box sufficient structural support.

The midsole unit of this shoe features high-quality cushioning materials for shock absorption.

The EVA foam covers the entire length of the midsole unit to help keep your sensitive feet comfortable. The EVA foam reduces your foot pain by offering soft landings.

As such, this pair of shoes are ideal for people with diabetes since they might also be experiencing foot pain. The forefoot section feels snug, but you could wear these running shoes for neuropathy.

The memory foam insole of the shoe also absorbs some shocks at landings, making these the best shoes for neuropathy even further.

It is incredible how the memory foam outsole remains light, yet it delivers excellent traction on the road.

If you’re looking for a running shoe that’s up for the task, you might want to consider these athletic shoes. Keep your pain at bay with the best shoes for neuropathy.

Fit customization is also a total breeze. These Hoka One One orthopedic shoes feature flat shoelaces.

People with neuropathy could appreciate how the laces customize the fit without exerting pressure on their feet. This only helps alleviate your neuropathy pain further.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 – Best Transition

These are some of the best running or go walk footwear if you have nerve damage that has caused a loss of sensation in your foot.

First, these walking shoes feature the brand’s FlyteFoam material in their midsole. Besides cushioning your sensitive feet from shocks, this midsole material also provides a bouncy ride.

You also get the much-needed arch support from the Trusstic technology underneath the midfoot section.

What’s more, the neuropathy shoe also boasts a gel cushioning material in the rearfoot of the midsole unit.

The gel cushioning also absorbs shocks on the rear section of your foot.

These athletic shoe is also highly breathable.

The roughly knit upper mesh allows cool air to rush into your athletic shoe for a comfortable foot.

Most people with diabetes commend this walking shoe for its high-quality AHAR rubber soles. The rubber sole is durable and offers excellent traction on all roads.

It is also an ergonomic sole. Since these shoes run true to size, they improve your mileage as much as they also keep your sensitive feet comfortable.

These shoes also keep moisture out by wicking away any moisture through their fabric lining. Therefore, they keep your feet comfortable and dry throughout your running experience.

With all these qualities, they are your go-to neuropathy shoes.

Mizuno Wave Rider 24 – Best Sock-Like Comfort

There are a few reasons why you want to consider this footwear if you have peripheral neuropathy. First, these shoes for neuropathy use a wave knit upper unit.

Besides letting in cool air into your neuropathy shoes, the upper mesh is also stretchable. Therefore, your running shoe comfortably wraps your foot.

The overlays on the sides of the upper unit bolster your shoes for a secure fit. When you combine that with a heel counter that properly locks down your foot, you have one of the best walking experiences.

The eyelets also have overlays for structural strength.You could tighten the shoes without worrying about damaging the eyelets.

The U4ic Midsole in your running shoe also keeps you comfortable by attenuating shocks. It is a durable material that protects you for an extended period.

What’s more, this footwear for people with neuropathy has the Mizuno wave plate that provides stability and superior shock attenuation.

The rubber sole is certainly durable and provides traction on any road. To be more precise, these moisture-wicking shoes use their X10 carbon rubber on the outsole unit.

With a smooth ride in the outsole for smooth heel-to-toe transition, these shoes are ideal for you if you’re someone grappling with peripheral neuropathy.

Saucony Hurricane 23 – Best Arch Support

The soft and cozy cushioning you get from your peripheral neuropathy shoe makes them an excellent choice if you’re someone with peripheral neuropathy.

That is because these shoes for neuropathy have a Lightweight PWRRUN+ material in their midsoles. The result is a luxurious and plush sensation on your underfoot.

If you’re also looking for a roomy toe box, these might be the best shoes for you.

The upper mesh is stretchable to accommodate the shape of your feet. As a result, you will have a roomy toe box.

Breathability is a significant plus in these shoes. The ventilation on the upper mesh permits cool air to rush in and keep your feet fresh and dry.

The midsole also has a TPU guidance frame that guides your foot back into its rightful place with each step you make.

You get more comfort from the shoes’ padded tongue and heel collar. The flat shoelaces also secure the fit by locking down your foot properly with zero irritation.

If you’re looking to run down any road, you could use plenty of traction. Fortunately, these shoes have sticky outsoles for giving you all the traction you need.

Given these shoes’ excellent traction and luxurious comfort, they’re your go-to shoe if you’re exhibiting symptoms of neuropathy.

ALTRA Paradigm 4.5 – Best Flexibility

The upper knit gives you’re a comfortable foot coverage to improve your walking experience.

Since the upper knit material has vents, the shoe keeps your foot cool and dry. The upper unit also provides the support that you might need when walking or running in your shoes for neuropathy.

There are plenty of features in the insole. The Natural Ride System in the insole promotes natural mobility when walking. The GuideRail and the StabiliPod technologies in the insole also offer support and stability during your ride.

But it doesn’t stop there yet. The Altra EGO in the insole provides a springy ride. It also absorbs shocks, thereby alleviating your neuropathy foot condition.

Therefore, these are one of the best shoes for neuropathy. The shoes also have flex grooves in their midsole units. They remain flexible for a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The outsole material is unique and exclusive to these shoes for neuropathy. They use FootPod outsole material for traction on the roads and flexibility. The outsole has grooves for more flexibility.

If you’re looking for arch support and stability from your running shoes, you should consider buying this shoe pair. The rubber outsole is durable and protects your foot further from the unforgiving terrain.

Therefore, these shoes for neuropathy have all the features to keep you safe when training.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are suffering from neuropathy, which is a later complication of diabetes, you need to choose your shoes wisely. Here are a few things to consider.

Seamless Interior

Buy shoes that have soft, protective fabric lining. The shoes should not have any protruding stitching, since this can cause irritation. Protrusions can also lead to other issues of your foot such as ulcers and sores.

Padded Interior

The shoes should have a soft foam padding on the inside. This is critical since it acts as a buffer between the feet and the exterior.

This will also ensure that your feet are protected in case they are struck. It will also ensure that your feet fit comfortably without any pressure.

Non-Binding, Stretchable Uppers

Walking shoes for diabetic foot pain should have uppers made of soft, stretchable material. The uppers should be able to move with the feet, thus eliminating pressure.

Such uppers are also ideal in accommodating swollen diabetic feet. Keep away from shoes with constricting overlays across the foot. Such shoes will create friction and increase the pressure


The best shoes for diabetic pain are those with an added depth inside them. The extra depth ensures that your feet have free movement and a pressure-free environment.

Such shoes will also accommodate diabetic insoles and custom orthotics.

High, Wide Toe Box

The toe box of your shoe should be deep. This will ensure your feet have more room and it will also eliminate pressure and friction in the toe area.

Multiple Widths

A non-constrictive environment is critical for diabetic pain. As such, go for wider shoes that have multiple depths for protection and customized fit.

Ergonomic Soles

The sole of the shoes you buy should be of light material. This will ease your mobility and function.

Adjustability Features

A good shoe for diabetic pain should have several adjustability features for a good fit. Such features include straps in several places or laces.

With these features, you can customize the fit to your like.


The shoes should be flexible and absorb pressure well. The arch of the foot usually falls in diabetics. Therefore, the shoe should have a shaped but poppy insole to support the arch.

Insoles made of open-cell material (pumped cells) create a pumping effect – when trampled, they push the air out and, with the release, are sucked in again.

The team effectively regulates the microclimate in tennis.

In order not to overheat the foot in the sneaker, it is good to have insoles made of open-cell material. This will create a pumping effect – they push the air out when it is finished and it is sucked in again when released.

The foot in the sneaker must not slip.

To avoid this, the insole should have cushioning properties and at the same time create a bed for the foot. Ideally, it should consist of several layers, while the top layer should form an abrasion-resistant lining that does not cause much friction.

The Memory Foam should be placed under it, which creates beds for the foot and prevents slipping.


This should provide a sufficient bed for the foot. The recommended material is Memory Foam, which creates a bed for the foot and prevents slipping.


The sole must not be too thick to protect the foot when walking on uneven or sharper terrain. The material from which it is made should be breathable and should have the ability to absorb shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Shoes For Someone With Neuropathy?

The best shoes for neuropathy are those with the following features:
·        Ergonomic soles
·        Several adjustability features
·        High, Wide Toe Box
·        Multiple widths
·        Non-Binding, Stretchable Uppers
·        Extra-depth
·        Seamless Interior
·        Padded interior
·        Removable memory foam midsole
·        Flexible insole

Is Running Good For Neuropathy?

Yes, you could run with neuropathy, but if you’re wearing proper footwear. Your shoes should have sufficient cushioning in their insoles for comfort.

Is Memory Foam Shoes Good For Neuropathy?

Yes, memory foam helps to absorb shocks at landings. It also creates beds for the foot and prevents slipping.

Are New Balance Shoes Good For Neuropathy?

Yes. As discussed earlier in our review, New Balance shoes have a midsole that a dual-density foam material along the medial sides. This offers good cushioning.

The shoes also come in different width options, up to extra wide size


To sum it up, the best running shoes for neuropathy should cushion your feet from experiencing more pain. They are breathable, comfortable to the foot, and offer traction.

If you had a tough time selecting the best running shoes for your painful feet, you could now use the buyer’s guide in this review to find your best shoes. You could also consider the shoes in this review and see if they stand a chance of making you comfortable.

My recommendation are Brooks Ghost 13 and you can check also our full review for this shoes.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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