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The Merits and Demerits of Running Without Underwear

Running Without Underwear
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There are times, when you become so uncomfortable that either you think that you should have worn my underwear or you strongly feel that you should have skipped it. In both cases, you are right.

Here the catch is, you should not compromise with your body, comfort and breathability. To save you from having such thoughts right in the middle of your running session, I have discussed pros and cons of running without underwear.

Further, you can read the upcoming sections if you continuously search for the answers of your questions such as health risks involved in running with or without underwears? Is it preferable to do so? Benefits of running without underwear? And many more.

Let’s dive in to get an appropriate reasoning for all your queries.

Merits or Advantages of Running Without an Underwear

Minimizes the Chance of Allergies and Infections

The skin type of every individual is quite different and plays a vital role in getting allergies or other infections. If you put different people under the same circumstances, every individual’s body will react in a different manner.

Likewise, the body of some ladies is very much vulnerable to yeast infections, fungal allergies, etc. Running without underwear may help them a lot to lessen the skin issues.

In fact, there are certain fabrics that are not at all breathable and trap the moisture in the vital organs. Such fabrics significantly increase the risk of producing yeast infections. These infections and allergies cause rashes, continuous itching, and discomfort in the body.

Further, if you still want to wear underwear, you can avoid wearing fabrics like natural fiber, cotton, etc. These fabrics are not breathable and don’t allow moisture to dry up. This non-breathability accumulates the moisture and gives germs a suitable environment to breed.

To conclude, if your body is prone to periodic yeast infections, you may consider wearing commandos that give continuous air circulation in the vaginal area. Also, it eliminates the probability of infection.

Effectively Prevents Irritation

In most of the cases, chafing or irritation happens with people who are avid fan of tight fitted clothing. Well! In that scenario, skipping the underwear will be a good idea once in a while.

Further, if you wear tight undergarments, your private organs are on a stake of irritation and itching. Not only this, due to friction with the moist fabric enhances the risk of extreme chafing.

Thus, I would suggest that you can skip your undergarments while wearing tight clothing sets. This arrangement will keep you more fresh and comfortable.

Maintains the Sperm Count

There are a lot of gentlemen who don’t think about even a day without running or jogging. For all of all of you, opting a commando while you jog or run may help to protect your sperm. Unlike in ladies, wearing skin tight clothes may significantly affect the fertility in men by lowering the sperm count.

If you try a little harder to understand the scientific reason then you will be able to make much smarter decisions. Here, the fact is when you wear extremely tight clothing with underwear, your organs are pushed quite closer to your abdominal area.

Further, this combination raises the temperature around your testicles while you are running hence creating a possibility of killing heat-sensitive sperms. This directly or indirectly affects your fertility capabilities.

Therefore, it is better no to wear underwear with commando as it keeps your private organs breathable, fresh and extremely cool.

Enhances Breathability

The basic and concrete reason for not opting for an underwear when you are going for running is to keep things, dryn, breezy and cool down there. It has nothing to do with gender, there are lots of people who don’t prefer to wear underwear and they feel comfortable as well.

Further, if you wear an underwear, firstly it adds up an additional layer of fabric which may or may not be breathable enough to remain around your private parts. This additional layer will lead to sweating especially in hot summer and humid days.

Finally, it is better if you don’t wear underwear which in the end provides air circulation by minimizing the sweat and keeps you dry and fresh for longer durations.

Additional Flexibility

Personally, I feel that underwear adds unnecessary restriction in the movement . This extra layer under your running clothing forces you to compromise with the flexibility and freedom in motion.

Thus, the advantage of running or jogging without underwear gets you free from any restriction and lets you stretch your strides as much as you want.

Demerits or Disadvantages of Running Without an Underwear

Blots Your Running Clothes

The idea of running in commandos without your underwear on is indeed a great idea until you don’t spot a stain in your clothes. You know your body well and what kind of bodily fluids you generally excrete when you run.

There are various vaginal discharges or wetness due to excess sweating, your clothes easily and promptly soak up such fluids which gives you a tough time to resist them.

Big Trouble During Menstruations

Another disappointing point of wearing only commandos is when you are on your periods. The fear is there is no escape route, however, using a tampon may rescue you .

Further, if by any chance you’re having heavy flow or prefer using sanitary napkins rather than tampon or diva cups, then either you have to skip your running schedule or you need to wear an underwear. In such situations, wearing underwear is the only saviour.

Messy Laundry

Skipping an underwear and ruining your commando with discharge, sweat, smells caused when you run is a bit annoying. First of all, it makes you extremely uncomfortable then right from your shorts or leggings or even your sweatpants, all the mess will be right there in your laundry bag.

This implies that your workout clothing or jogger will be much dirtier than they normally are, especially when you run while wearing an underwear. Therefore, this is indeed a reason to think before deciding to skip your underwear.

Allergies on the Roll

Though skipping underwear will save you from excess chafing and will give you more breathable conditions. However, if the fabric of your commando is coarse, thick or too rough then you may end up having skin irritation or allergies.

Before You Go…

It is always beneficial when you properly and deeply weigh the merits and demerits before reaching a conclusion. You must not ignore your genital health prospects at the cost of breathability and comfortability.

Further, if you want to wear your undergarments it becomes essential to opt for the perfect fabric for yourself. Since you can practically test the compatibility of various aspects of wearing or ditching an underwear, try it yourself but make sure you don’t be so harsh on your body.

Therefore, regardless of what you decide, it is always wise to check all the possibilities and repercussions of making a certain choice. Also, clear up your mind before investing in any extra running clothes. I hope this article will give you an insight of both your questions. Have a blissful running session!

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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