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Multiple Advantages of Running Thrice a Week

Running 3 Times a Week

If not today, every person who is conscious about his health, will include running in his daily routine. Running has multiple advantages from keeping your body healthy to maintaining your other medical profiles, running gives you the best results in every aspect. Thus, I have shared almost all kinds of information related to running in the upcoming sections.

Running 3 Times a Week Plan

It is essential to plan your week and set the goals for running. For this, you need to have clarity about what your target is and what you want to achieve from running thrice a week. To ease this task for you, let’s see what you can target.

If you are a beginner start with a brisk walk followed by jogging and then running. Here, the beginners need to be motivated to run daily for the initial few days. Soon when you start getting results in terms of weight, calories, toned muscles, etc, you will be self-driven.

General Physical Fitness

If your goal is not to lose weight and those extra calories, you can do a combination of exercises. Apart from running and jogging you can swim or play sports to enhance your fitness level.

Achieving Fitness

If you are a newbie or a beginner and you have almost no idea how to suggest, I would suggest you start with brisk or high-speed walking. Slowly you can progress to jogging and eventually you can go up to running.

Also, as a beginner, you need to be very patient during this transition. It requires a few months to become a proper passionate runner. However, in every exercise or weight loss program, patience and determination is the key to success.

Benefits of Running 3 Times a Week

Till now we were talking about running thrice a week. We have not discussed how much is the adequate or bare minimum time we should devote to running. Many studies have shown that running for just half an hour or 30 minutes can shower a lot of both short-term and long-term benefits to you.

Benefits of Running 3 Times a Week

Here are some of the benefits of running if you are following a routine and doing it regularly. The routine doesn’t mean that even if your body is exhausted and screaming for rest you should go and run. So let’s explore the benefits and positive effects of running on your mental and physical health.

1. Shed off those extra calories

If you run for 30 minutes, you can easily get rid of 200-500 calories. These calories are significant which you can shed off in just a 30-minute run. It is one of the easiest and effective ways to lose your extra kilos in the span of a few days.

Further, running is a complete exercise that keeps you fit in all aspects of your physical self. The impressive and notable catch in this running journey is that once you get addicted to this routine, you will be unstoppable.

2. Effectively burns fat

The simple logic here is that regular running for even 15 to 30 minutes thrice a week will certainly kick-start your stubborn fat and kick-start your lazy metabolism. This speeds up your digestion process and your body slowly loses out on your tendency to gain weight.

In addition to this, when you run for a shorter duration, your body tends to utilize fat as a primary source of power. It doesn’t depend on the stored carbohydrates in your body that play a vital role as you increase the intensity of the exercise.

Another noteworthy point here is your body will keep on burning the fat even after running for long durations. Our body is quite a complex machine to understand. So let’s see how much we can understand it.

When you do intense exercise or any kind of physical activity, automatically your body switches to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC mode. In this mode, your body utilizes the energy from your stored carbohydrates and fat to bring itself back to its pre-exercise state.

Also, this EPOC mode can sustain from 15 minutes to 48 hours. This means that a small run for even 30 minutes can keep on burning your fat for a complete 2 days.

The calories are directly proportional to weight loss and burning fat. Also, according to my personal experience. It may happen that for the initial days you will be forcing yourself to even run for a few minutes. However, when you start seeing the results, it will be like a passion for you.

3. Mental Stimulation

Regardless of whether you are running outside on the tracks or inside on the treadmill of your small gym, ultimately you are exercising. This core running exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Not only this, if you are depressed or low on mental energy, running is quite helpful in ejecting positive, healthy, and good feelings in you. All you have to do is wear your headphones, turn on your favorite music and hit the road or your treadmill.

4. Healthy Lifestyle and Results of Running thrice a week

You have to accept one thing that running will not give you instant results. For the first few weeks, you will either see no change or it will be very slow that may frustrate you. However, these few weeks are the testing weeks for your endurance and determination.

Further, if you run at least thrice in a week at a faster pace, eventually you will start drinking more water, you will eat a healthy and balanced diet, and above all whenever you will find the time you will try to utilize that for running only.

Therefore, running is a complete package that keeps you mentally, physically and emotionally balanced. It is a complete way of living a healthy and happening life.

Running 3 Times a Week Weight Loss

The next major aim of many people is losing weight. In this process, only running will not be effective, you need to plan your diet as well. You can consult a dietician to add an adequate quantity of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, low-fat dairy products, lean meat, and much more.

Not only this, when you target for weight loss, you have to be quite determined to leave soft drinks, bakery items, sugar, takeaway foods, dietary fats, and everything you love more than your life.

Further, the times may come when you will be eating much less than your actual hunger. Sometimes, to train your mind you need to follow strict routines. For this, firstly you have to stop eating all kinds of junk which deep down you already know is not good for your health.

Additionally, you have to follow a strict routine for exercise and running. Initially, you will find it difficult to even motivate yourself to follow the diet plan and running schedule. However, once you start doing it, there is no looking back.

Before You Go…

Running is one of the most effective and fastest ways to eradicate stubborn fat and calories from your life which you have gathered with so much pleasure. Nevertheless, soon this will be your past and your fit body will remain your present and future. So gear up and just jump without giving any further thoughts.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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