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How Long Do Running Shoes Last On Treadmill?

How Long Do Running Shoes Last On Treadmill

Well, as we all know, a treadmill is gentler on shoes. The surface of a treadmill is less abrasive, and that’s why the outsole lasts longer. Also, the added cushioning decreases the compaction rate of the cushioning of the shoes. The only probable negative is that because steps are more consistent, the wear may be prominent in specific areas.

So for treadmill running, you should wear running shoes with flat outsoles. This is because you don’t need good traction on a smooth and consistent surface. But at the same time, running in old or worn-out shoes can lead to injuries and discomfort. Over time, with running on a treadmill, your running shoes lose shock absorption and stability.

What’s more, when you run in worn-out shoes, it increases stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can cause serious injuries. So one of the best things you can do to prevent injuries is to replace your shoes at the right time.

How Long Do Running Shoes Last on Treadmill?

Usually, if you are an average runner, you should consider changing your running shoes every 300 to 400 miles. However, the replacement of running shoes also depends on your running style and body weight. For lighter runners who run on the treadmill daily, it is vital to change running shoes after 400 miles.

On the other hand, heavier runners should change their running shoes after 300 miles. Note that you may also require new shoes more frequently if you have an uneven gait. Also, if you practice running on treadmills extensively, consider changing your running shoes continually. You have to also remember that not all running shoes possess the same amount of durability.

If you are using a pair of running shoes with a very flat outsole, it won’t last long, even while you are running on a treadmill. It is also essential to pay attention to how your shoes look and feel. If they feel worn out, it is time to buy a new pair.

Signs that indicate you should replace your Running Shoes

Here are some factors which indicate that it is probably high time to opt for a new pair of running shoes.

Pain when Running

If you are experiencing muscle fatigue and pain in your joints while running on your treadmill, it is quite apparent that your shoes don’t have to cushion anymore. Moreover, when you are feeling pain on both knees, it is an indication that you need a new pair of running shoes.

Pain when Running

On the other hand, if you are experiencing pain even if your shoes are relatively new, you should check the mechanism of the treadmill. Your treadmill may be facing issues with the propulsion of the belt.

Poor Absorption of Impacts

If you feel like you can feel the impact of every step in your feet and hips while running on the treadmill, it implies that there are issues with the shock absorption of your shoes. Even while you are running on a treadmill, never forget that running is a high-impact sport. That’s why shoes with good shock absorption can significantly reduce the stress on various parts of your leg.

Uneven Wear

It would be best if you also were on the lookout for signs that your shoes are wearing unevenly. If the tread wear pattern depicts a possible issue with the gait, you should seek expert advice. On the other hand, small tweaks to your running form on a treadmill can help. However, you should change your shoes as well to run effectively on treadmills.

Dilapidated Treads

One obvious sign that you require new running shoes is if the treads, mostly present on the soles, are worn out. It would be best if you always remembered that the soles last longer when compared to the cushioning of the running shoes and shock absorbency.

So if you notice that the soles of your shoes are no longer the same, it is time to buy a new pair of shoes. If you run on the treadmill with shoes having worn-out treads, you can develop various types of illnesses.    

Remember that Newer Shoes are Quite Motivating

Well, buying a newer pair of shoes for running on treadmills is quite motivating. Also, note that your overall comfort while running on the treadmill is quite crucial. Research suggests that wearing comfortable shoes while running on the treadmill can maintain the proper form and movement.

And when your feet maintain proper form and movement on the treadmill, there are fewer chances of injuries. If the newer shoes feel better than your old pair, you can also consider switching. It is a commonly observed fact that a plethora of runners out there rotates two pairs of running shoes.

If you get a new pair of running shoes even when the older shoes are working fine, don’t switch them. In simple words, you should stick to the pair of shoes in which you feel comfortable while running on a treadmill.

Extending the Overall Life of your Shoes

Here are steps you should consider to extend the overall life of your shoes.

Only wear Running Shoes while you run on Treadmills

It is usually tempting to wear running shoes all day. But note that you should be using them only for the purpose of running on a treadmill.

Keep them Clean

Well, it is quite apparent that running on a treadmill will make your shoes less dirty. However, with regular use, they are bound to get a little messy. If you want to wash them, don’t toss them in the washing machine. Always be cautious while cleaning running shoes.

The Bottom Line

Even if you take great care of your shoes, you will want to replace them every 400 miles. It would be best if you kept an eye on the overall condition of your footwear as well as how you feel after running. While running on a treadmill, your shoes would last for long. Let’s hope that the signs mentioned earlier would help you greatly in identifying a worn-out running shoe.  

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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