Nov 12, 2021 2 min read

Do Wide Shoes Have A Wider Toe Box? (LET’S KNOW)

Do Wide Shoes Have A Wider Toe Box

The answer to the question do wide shoes have a wider toe box is that it depends on the manufacturer and the approach he uses to make the pair. When it comes to making wide shoes that may fit EE or EEE widths, there are two popular approaches that manufacturers use.

The first approach to making wide shoes is that they use a separate last for shoes that follow the natural anatomy of the feet. Such a last is wide at the forefeet and narrow at the heels. In other words, if you look at the shoes from behind the heels, you will be able to see the toe box protruding on both sides.

This is the best approach to make wide shoes as such shoes fit you better and prevent injuries such as calluses, bunions, hammertoes, etc. that may arise with your feet being squeezed inside shoes. The second approach to making wide shoes is that the manufacturer does not use a separate last but makes a bloated size pair using the regular last to accommodate the volume created by the squeezed feet.

Such shoes are big both at the toes and heels. This results in a poor fit that compromises your stability on the track. Also, in the long run, it invites all sorts of squeeze-borne injuries to your feet. So, avoid such pairs at all costs no matter how persuasive the sales material is.

Now that you know, not all wide shoes come with a wide toe box but the best ones are those that come with them. Luckily, I have some quick tips to share with you that will help you determine if your next pair comes with a true wide toe box or just a bloated size.

The first tip for sure is to look at your shoes from behind the heels. If you can see the toe box is prominent from behind, it is a good sign. The second tip is to put the pair on and carefully notice if you are getting any squeeze from the walls of the shoes. If yes, the shoes are not wide toe shoes.

The final tip is to put the shoes on and try to splay your toes. If you can comfortably pull your toes away from each other and do a little wiggle too, you have got your hands on true wide toe shoes. I would advise you to do these three quick little tests every time you buy wide shoes for yourself and do not take counsel of your last shoes.

The reason being is that your foot width may change over time depending on your age and changes in foot tendons and ligaments. Before parting, I would utter a few words of caution against wearing narrow toe shoes. The risk and injuries they may cause to your feet make them not worth considering. Over to you. Thanks!

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