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9 Best Running Shoes For Treadmill in 2021

Best running shoes for treadmill
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When it comes to losing weight or preparing well for your big sports match, a good idea is a treadmill running. This is one of the best forms of cardio workout that involves a lot of sweat. Treadmill running can very well do wonders to your body and mind. But this is only if you are following the best way of treadmill running.

So, if you are new to treadmill running, or got one installed in your home gym, we understand your excitement well. But please don’t start treadmill running in your bedroom slippers or Hawaii slippers. Wait till we teach you a thing or two about treadmills. so you have a more fruitful running rather than a few days of fun.

If you were to look at it from a surface, you’re right in saying that you run with your legs. But if you care more, then know that your legs make you use of knees, shins, feet, bones, ligaments and more. See how much you have to take care of when you are running? What better way than to leave a good pair of shoes to do the job so you can focus on running on the treadmill? These treadmill running shoes keep your feet protected on the treadmill. You enjoy good support to make your running more stable.

Best Treadmill Running Shoes: Product reviews

Okay, we won’t leave you in any more curiosity. Here is the part that you were waiting for till now. Following are some of the best running shoes for treadmill that you can have a look at. These also include running women’s shoe. The women’s on running shoes are similar in features with a few differences. Apart from that, they are not very different from men’s running shoe.

Read on to know what are the best pairs that you can get and decide on which one would be the best for you!

Read on to know what are the best pairs that you can get and decide on which one would be the best for you!

Our Top Pick

1. ADIDAS Running Adizero Boston 8

Provides Stability to Run Faster
adidas Men's Adizero Boston 8 Running Shoe

246 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked The relaxed fit Lots of toe room Greater responsiveness

Things we didn’t like Difficult to lace up

The cushioning here first of all delivers the first promise of good running shoes. And speaking of the mesh upper, it’s not breathable and nice but also lightweight. This makes it good for those fast runners, be it on the treadmill or out on the track. Added to this is the slim and knitted design that adds style to your run, be it on the road or at the gym.

The shoes come with continental rubber outsoles and a new TPU torsion system. This makes it a good choice for training. We can say that this running shoe is lightweight and stylish. So if speed and the way you look  are what you care for when you run, then here is the running shoe for you.

What’s Not Perfect

Okay, now coming to the sad part. The Adidas Men’s Adizero shoe is not a winner when it comes to the breathability factor. The New Balance 890 v6 is a better choice for this.

2. Saucony Kinvara 11

The Shoe For Any Foot Type
Saucony Men's Kinvara 11 Running Shoe

233 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Lightweight Responsive cushioning Smooth transition

Things we didn’t like Short laces Bad traction

Here is another lightweight running shoe with good cushioning. This is for the overpronator and for the supinator. The best part about this running shoe is its responsiveness. This is due to the foam on the midsoles and the smooth heel to toe transition. Both give you a consistent ride, again, be it on the track or on the treadmill. All in all, these shoes are soft, comfortable and promise you a decent ride.

The only disappointment here are the laces. They are too short. So, if you are the kind that is particular about the runners lace, then we can keep this out of the list. If not, go ahead, these lightweight shoes may be perfect for you.

What’s Not Perfect

It is for these reasons that the Saucony Kinerva 11 may not be a good choice if you are an adventurous runner. You need stick to the roads and can’t explore every lane and terrain. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Sonic is a better option here.

3. New Balance 890v6 Running Shoes

Right for Intense Treadmill Running
New Balance Men's 890 V6 Running Shoe

255 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Breathable and durable mesh upper Comfortable midsoles

Things we didn’t like Not a lightweight shoe

If you are very particular about the mesh upper, then here is a running shoe that you may look at. This one is from New Balance. It comes with an engineered mesh, that is comfortable, breathable and durable. And there is some good news. If you care about the cushioning of your running shoes, these come with RevLet cushioning. This plays a role in making this one versatile pair of shoes for most runners.

The only downside of this is that it is not lightweight. So if you are going to be doing some intensive running sessions, stay away from this shoe. But then, this shoe may be a good choice for someone planning to spend an hour a day on the treadmill.

What’s Not Perfect

So, again, if you want to be light on your feet, the Saucony Men’s Kinerva 11 would be better for you.

4. Reebok Floatride Run Fast Shoe

Look Stylish and Run Well
Reebok Floatride Run Fast Shoe

215 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked The Stylish Upper The Lightweight sole

Things we didn’t like The not-so-comfortable or durable upper

Now, if you were looking for something stylish, then here is the choice for you. This Reebok running shoe gives you a good run on the treadmill or outside. It also ensures that you look cool in your track pants as you return from the gym.

So, if looks matter, the Reebok Men’s Floatride Run is available in different unique designs. So you can pick the one that suits your style and look smart as you head out with it.

The downside is the outer material. The tongue stands loose, and we wouldn’t call this a tough and durable shoe. So, if all you need is a shoe for a little running and a lot of fun outings, this could be the one.

What’s Not Perfect

The Reebok Floatride run is a good choice for those looking for style and unique designs. But if long lasting ability is what you need, the shoe may not stay with you for long. The upper though fashionable can tend to become loose and get uncomfortable in time.

5. Mizuno Wave Sonic Running Shoes

Cushions Your Heel and Foot Well
Mizuno Wave Sonic Running Shoes

221 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Durable Stable

Things we didn’t like Not for fast runners

Now, if durability was what you were looking for, here is the shoe for you. The Mizuno men’s wave sonic running shoes are durable with density foam construction.

Now, the downside is this shoe does not promise you will be fast as a bird. So make sure that this is not your priority when you buy these shoes. Keeping that apart, these shoes are stable and offer you a decent run. The traction is good, the cushioning is soft and the outsoles withstand wear and tear. The inner padding provides a snug fit . So, iif an hour everyday to lose weight is what you need, these shoes won’t displease you.

What’s Not Perfect

Again, like we said above, if you are training for a marathon, these may not exactly be the shoes for you. It calls itself a racing shoe. But, as someone looking for racing shoes,, you sure are going to find other models that you will compare.

6. Asics Roadhawk FF2

Budget Shoes For Treadmill
ASICS Roadhawk FF 2 MX Men's Running Shoe

277 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Lightweight Soft Comfortable

Things we didn’t like Not for neutral runners Low on stability

When it comes to caring for your foot, Asics is one brand a lot of people like. Now, if budget is what is on your mind, you may want to have a look at these Asics running shoes. First of all, these Asics shoes create an impression with the slim profile.

The FlyteFoam midsoles make you feel lightweight and add to the bouncy feel, so again, the better your run. The cushioning is moderate, but nonetheless makes this one a responsive pair of shoes.

What these Asics shoes promise, is an excellent traction. You get a good grip on the road and this shoe can any day beat the rest when it comes to walking or running in the pouring rain.

What’s Not Perfect

The sad part comes when you look for support. These Asics shoes don’t rate high on the stability factor, like the Mizuno Men’s Wave Sonic shoes. These shoes are the best for those who want to head out for a relaxed run in the morning or evening each day.

7. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10

Comfort and Right Fit
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

269 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Guarantees a stable ride Responsive Lightweight

Things we didn’t like Cushioning Not meant for those with wide feet Not exactly a budget shoe

Now, here comes a New Balance running shoe women will like. These are running shoes that won’t displease you when it comes to responsiveness. All thanks to the fresh foam with which the shoe made. So, sturdiness and support are two things you will enjoy here. Again, thanks to the fresh foam, the shoes keep your feet warm and comfortable on a winter morning run. The rocker shape of the shoes give you a smooth stride.

The soft knit upper, firm cushioning, and rocker shape of this women’s running shoe all make these running shoes comfortable. And here’s more: the outsoles make walking anywhere fine so you can go ahead on any road without any hesitation.

What’s Not Perfect

The cushioning may be one area of disappointment in this pair of shoes. These New Balance shoes have a firmer cushioning. The Saucony Men’s Kinerva would be a better option here.

8. Brooks Ghost 11

Your Search For Style and Comfort Ends Here
Brooks Ghost 11

309 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked Traction Responsive Breathable

Things we didn’t like Not for wide feet Mediocre cushioning

If you are about to search for a reliable pair of running shoes for treadmill, this one from Brooks could fit you. If you need responsiveness, traction and breathability in your shoes, this is yours. And let’s not forget, that for all those looking for a stylish pair of running shoes, here’s one you would want to look at.

But again, these are not exactly the choice of shoes for wide feet. Also, the upper and the cushioning are not what you are going to like either. Apart from that, these shoes are reliable for the neutral runner. The cushioning is good enough for normal distances. The foam is soft and the outsole provides a good grip for the right fit. So, run away!

What’s Not Perfect

Do you prefer your shoes to be soft and comfortable on your feet? then this steer away from this and choose the Saucony Men’s Kinerva again.

9. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25

Style and Stability
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

335 grams


Women Shoes

Things we liked The Cushioning Stylish design Durable  Stable

Things we didn’t like Not lightweight Fit

Again if softness is what you search for, if stability is what you need, the Asics Women’s Gel kayano is yours. If you are a neutral runner or an overpronator, you can have a look at this one. The padding on both the heel collar and tongue of the shoes add to the feeling of plushness. The cushioning on the midsole gives you the kind of bounce you like when running. And the GEL technology makes these Asics shoes perfect for shock absorption.

The best part about these shoes is their stability. If you are sad with the lack of stability in all the above shoes, this one screams stability. So, all you high-intensity runners, get a pair that can fit you no.

What’s Not Perfect

Supinators please stay away for now. It won’t fit you. Also, if flexibility is what you are looking for, you will be sad to know that this is a pair that is a bit stiff. That added to its heaviness, does not put together to make the shoe fit for you.

Buyers Guide

Before you sit with your foot before a mirror and running shoes before you, it is be a good idea to learn something. After all, there’s more to treadmill shoes than the style. You have the fit, like the heel, the arch support, how lightweight it is and so much that you may like to know. And that we present to you here. Make sure look at some of the features to buy the best running shoes for treadmill:


Well, you would have guessed that, wouldn’t you? One of the biggest differences that a pair of running shoes makes when on the treadmill is the feel of softness. This is important at the arch support and the rest of your feet. And this is not without reason.

A good running shoe is one that provides good cushioning. Cliche? Then a good running shoe is one that has cushioning on the heel as well as the forefoot. This is especially if you plan to use the treadmill everyday. Good cushioning on your heel and feet help handle the shock of your weight each time you land on the treadmill.  This is the kind of support good treadmill shoes provide.

Cushioning is especially important for overpronators who run with their foot rolling inward. Extra cushioning can provide a lot of stability and support that their flat feet would need. Added to this, you also get to enjoy better motion control which can be very helpful in preventing injury.

And it’s not the overpronators. Cushioning can also go a long way in preventing injury for supinators. These are those with high arched feet that roll outward while running. Cushioning inside your shoes help you pronate more for a safer running.

The Material

No, this is not for style. There are other things like durability and breathability that matter. If comfort is important for you and if you want your shoes to last for a good time, this is important. While you consider the best designs on the synthetic leather, don’t forget to check the mesh.

Yes, a mesh upper makes a big difference to your pair of running shoes. For one, they allow your feet to breathe. You will be glad you knew this once you finish with your first session on the treadmill and with running shoes. And then, they last longer, are easier to clean and look stylish too. There, you got your perks! And they make your shoes lightweight!

How lightweight

How lightweight is important if you are buying shoes for intense running. So, if all you would like to do on the treadmill is a little bit of running to lose a few kilos, you can have a look at lightweight shoes.

Lightweight shoes end up providing you with a better boost, as a result of which you can run faster. So, that marathon you are training for will be more fruitful. So, at the end of the day, get the best treadmill running shoes that are lightweight too.

Let’s Take Up a Few Facts and Questions!

Okay, now you have heard enough about the best running shoes. You must be having serious questions on what the fuss is all about, right? So, we have a few answers to help you understand what happens without running shoes for treadmill. We guide you and tell you why there are so many treadmill running shoes out there:

How Bad Is It To Start Treadmill Running Without Shoes?

And the answer is it can be bad! So, are all you have in your rack are sandals and floaters that are comfortable for parties or a day at the beach? Then don’t start a treadmill running session, wait a day or two.  You need good shoes to protect your heel, ankle and the rest of your feet.

What difference does a good pair of shoes make?

Do you want the muscles in your calves and legs to enjoy the full impact of your workout? Then, we advice you go and buy those comfortable treadmill shoes. What difference do treadmill shoes make when you are running on the treadmill? You get a better heel strike and gait which you can’t enjoy when you run barefoot. So, your muscles move more better and that should explain what happens next to a foot!

What Accidents could I meet if I run barefoot?

Accidents are accidents even if  you got your treadmill wiped clean. There could always be something that could get into your foot and you were running too fast to notice. Would you want a nuisance like this to ruin your comfortable workout session? And all this because you didn’t bother about buying treadmill shoes? Or rather, you would prefer to have your eyes on the floor of your treadmill to protect your foot while running?

Why is running barefoot so bad?

Okay, the reasons are many, but for now, let’s go with this. It’s not a good idea, its not comfortable for your foot, okay? Let’s consider this. Unlike the stone age man, our civilized foot is more used to soft carpets and comfortable shoe soles. Don’t believe that you have feet of iron because you have no comfortable shoes. You can’t wait to start running on the treadmill. We understand. But this will soon be the reason for those blisters and calluses on your foot. This is going to make you hate running on the treadmill.

After all, if it’s a modern treadmill, the belt moves under your foot. The friction may not be something you are going to find comfortable.

Why do different people need different shoes?

Always, remember one thing well. There is no one best running shoes for treadmill. The shoes that go best with you on the treadmill depends on the kind of runner you are. It depends on the kind of heel support you would need, and so on. It depends on the kind of feet you have. It depends on how big the arch is at the middle of your feet, and finally, that depends on the kind of arch support you need.

How Do I Determine the treadmill shoes for me?

And once that’s done, the next thing you can worry about is the style, how long you can run, and why you want treadmill shoes. There are those who want to exercise for fun. There are those who want a real high intensity morning workout.

There are some who want to reserve their precious shoes with all that expensive gel technology for their workout session. There are those who expect their treadmill running shoes to look cool in jeans. There are those for whom exercise is enjoyable only on the treadmill. There are those who like to switch between the treadmill and the road to make life well and interesting.

Finally, there are those who prefer nothing apart from a smooth surface to run on. Then there are those who expect their shoes to take them on all terrains and surfaces.

So, which category do you belong to? Make a note of all the above to decide on what kind of shoes goes with the type of treadmill runner you are. This way, you are going to be happy with your treadmill, your new shoes and your new exercise routine too. Happy shopping and all the best! Buy well and enjoy the best treadmill running with the best treadmill running shoes!

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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