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10 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners 2022 – Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

Plus-sized female runners might have issues finding the right pair of running shoes specifically made for them. This is mainly because most sportswear companies focus on athletic size footwear. Now the tide is changing as big footwear brands like Adidas and Nike have started to cater to the footwear needs of their heavy female runners.

Why do you need the best running shoes for heavy female runners?

The regular running shoes are not often comfortable enough for heavy female runners. Therefore, the manufacturers design a shoe for heavy women so that the target users will feel more comfortable.

Some exciting features include stronger soles, breathable covering, and lightweight materials. These features combine to prevent strains on the feet, shin splints, and other injuries that heavy female runners are susceptible to.

Comparison chart

New Balance Women W990V4 1. New Balance Women W990V4
  • Enhanced breathability
  • High EVA content

Check Price for Women
Brooks Women's Ravenna 9 2. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 9
  • DNA Loft Foam technology
  • Springy feel

Check Price for Women
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35
  • Multiple track support
  • Better cushioning

Check Price for Women
Brooks Transcend 6 for Women 4. Brooks Transcend 6 for Women
  • Extra Comfort
  • Improved soles

Check Price for Women
ASICS Women's Gel Cumulus 18 5. ASICS Women’s Gel Cumulus 18
  • Gel Technology
  • Feminine design

Check Price for Women
Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe 6. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe
  • Fancy Design
  • Improved toe box

Check Price for Women
Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe 7. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe
  • Stronger insoles
  • Varied cover options

Check Price for Women
Mizuno Women's Rave Rider 23 8. Mizuno Women’s Rave Rider 23
  • Durable
  • Stress-resistant

Check Price for Women
Hoka One One Women's Bondi 5 9. Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5
  • OrthoLitesock technology
  • Streamlined design

Check Price for Women
Hoka One One Women's Bondi 5 10. Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoe
  • OrthoLitesock technology
  • Enhanced coziness

Check Price for Women

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners Reviews

Best Neutral

1. New Balance Women W990V4

For improved stability
New Balance Women W990V4

2.4 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Extremely strong build with durable materials Offers excellent stability and relief to heavy female runners Universal design – shoes for heavy runners of all ages (flexible and light) Guarantees injury-free action

Things we didn’t like Most women would prefer fancier colors than gray It looks very bulky on runners’ feet

The New Balance Women W990V4 doesn’t sport a very fancy design. However, it has proven to many heavy female runners that it can afford them comfort and stability than previous models.

Its fabric is made of 75% Pigskin Suede, making it one of the most durable covers for heavy runners. Its 25% mesh, which allows for more breathability. The strong rubber soles make the W990V4 a very strong and capable running shoe for heavy female runners. The soles offer excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Its D-width feature makes inserting orthotics possible. Those who have pain due to over-pronation will find strong foamy support for their feet at the lower side of the shoe.

2. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 9

Lightweight and fancy
Brooks Women's Ravenna 9

0.53 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Comes with insole board for improved cushioning Very strong build that prevents the shoe from twisting Offers more traction on different types of surfaces Comes with sock-liner, which makes cleaning easy

Things we didn’t like The mid-sole is less stable Polyester socks may make feet slide in the shoe

The Brooks Women’s Ravenna 9 considers that ladies love fancy colors, comfort, and stability. It comes in pink, champagne, and plum colors. The shoe feels springy to the feet, so runners get the relief and motivation to cover more grounds with less stress.

Overweight women will find this kit effective as they make lifestyle changes to help shed some fat. Ravenna 9’s 10mm heel to toe drop is good enough to absorb shock when running on rough surfaces.

The shoe retains its solid structure when running due to its stiff shank and well-cushioned midsole. This makes it easier to on the feet and knees to change the running tempo. Ravenna 9 is a hybrid of stability and racing shoe.

Best for Heavy – Our TOP Pick

3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Heavy runners best shoes
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 35

0.56 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked It comes in more than five beautiful color options Has a cool lightweight design Capable heels ensuring responsive cushioning Waterproof fabric with excellent breathability

Things we didn’t like Cushion foam weakens under hot conditions Some users may find the toes too narrow for them

The prominent feature of Nike’s Pegasus 35 is its waterproof yet incredibly breathable design. The outsole is made for the tracks. It comes with a toe-off transition, so you feel propelled in the shoes, and running comes naturally.

The Nike Air Zoom comes with an upgraded sole unit, which allows for a more comfortable experience for heavy women. Its proprietary elastic laces make it very easy to wear and remove after running.

Choose from more than five options of colors to match your sportswear. The rubber soles give good traction in wet and dry conditions. Overall, they are great for walking, jogging, and running.

4. Brooks Transcend 6 for Women

Stability Shoes
Brooks Transcend 6 for Women

0.71 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Offers great traction and cushioning It comes in fancy colors and designs Many users have lauded its durability It protects the knee from injury

Things we didn’t like It is relatively more expensive Some people may find it less comfortable

This is another special stability shoe from the Brooks brand. The Townsend 6 comes with the GuideRails support, which checks excess movement and protects the knee from injury. The boots stretch with the feet during movements, so they stay relaxed all the time.

The mesh upper serves a dual function. It gives the shoe a charming look and improves airflow. You can ensure their feet will stay dry. Townsend6 also features Brook’s new OrthoLitesock liner, which offers excellent relief for the feet whenever the shoes are in use.

The cushioning action is gentle. No matter how long in use, the shoe will still retain its durability and responsiveness, thanks to the DNA Loft foam technology. Townsend 6 is specifically designed for those who pronate when walking or running.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel Cumulus 18

Running Shoes
ASICS Women's Gel

0.59 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Capable lightweight running shoe with quality shock absorber It is specially built to run on rough terrains. Made of 100% synthetic and breathable material Reduces pressure on the foot with its sleek design

Things we didn’t like For some users, the shoes might rip early Feels uncomfortable sometimes

If you need a flashy and ergonomic shoe that will support your weight when running on rough terrains, this is for you. It is breathable and uses a lace-up design so you can easily slip in and control the grip of the shoe on your feet.

Despite being lightweight, the cushion is excellent as it spreads the runner’s weight and gives the stability required to run correctly. The absence of overlays on the toe-box means less pressure on the feet from the top.

There’s also a high-quality 100% synthetic top with breathable mesh material. You may feel the shoes are somewhat heavier than you expect. However, the weight is great for short female runners who have a big body size.

Best Outdoor

6. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe

Best outdoor running shoes
Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe

0.68 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Shoe sizes are accurate and fit well Adorable designs in up to three colors Comfortable and breathable material Provide support for ankles and arches

Things we didn’t like It is not as comfortable as expected The price is relatively costlier

Salomon Women’s XR Mission makers aim to build a pair of shoes that can transit between different outdoor terrains with ease. Hence, the design gives high priority to grip, ankle, and arch support.

Salomon’s pairing of the Sensifit and Sensiflex technologies helps make the shoe adapt to multiple outdoor tracks. The stability running shoe offers the comfort required to run short and middle-distance races. Its bungee closure type ensures that users can adjust the tightness of the shoes on their feet.

The lacing system ensures fast and secure lacing. The tough Contagrip outsole is the best thing, which performs excellently on both wet and dry surfaces. We highly recommend these best running shoes to both runners in training and overweight women who are just starting a fat loss program.

7. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Everyday running shoes
Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

0.53 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Provides extreme comfort to the feet The outsole is adaptable to different terrains. Laudable cushioning technology  Fancy colors and fantastic design

Things we didn’t like Some users find the toe box tighter than expected. The size specifications are not accurate

If you are looking for an everyday shoe for fitness, this can be your best choice. The Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 is notable for its capacity to function effectively for a long period. Due to the amount of comfort it offers, users can wear the shoe for extended workout sessions than its counterparts.

One great addition is that the insoles are replaceable. Hence, the shoes can support orthotics like Powersteps. You can be sure that the shoe will hold your feet stable during races. It will ensure that your feet remain dry throughout the exercises. Thanks to the EVA design, the cushioning effect will remain intact for a long time regardless of how often you use the shoe.

8. Mizuno Women’s Rave Rider 23

For neutral runners
Mizuno Women's Rave Rider 23

0.51 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Super lightweight and durable Offers better breathability Offers flexibility on choice of upper Excellent cushion to absorb shocks

Things we didn’t like The shoe looks bigger than usual The size descriptions are not accurate

Mizuno combines its WAVE technologies to give a pair of lightweight yet best running shoes that possess excellent cushion capacity. The midsole gives you a smooth ride while transiting between various outdoor surfaces.

The WAVEKnit upper design ensures that the shoe holds your feet firm even when they expand and contract during races. The premium shock absorber holds when jogging, jumping, or running. For overweight runners who need more room at the toe-box, the Mizuno Rave Rider 23 is an excellent choice.

You can choose from about five different color options to match your sportswear. This product is meant for those who do not pronate inwards (neutral runners). Choose from the different upper options available, which include the flexible kit and the mesh kit.

For Wide Feet

9. Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5

Best running shoe for wide feet
Hoka One One Women's Bondi 5



Women Shoes

Things we liked Premium arch support Fashionable and lightweight running shoe Strong features for running on hard surfaces Suitable for improving the conditions of people in orthopedic therapy

Things we didn’t like People who have smaller toes may find the toe box too wide Cannot be used for cross-training

If your current running shoes are too narrow for your toes, Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5 would be a suitable replacement. The running shoe with a wide toe box offers you more space. It provides a cushion of about 31mm and a 4mm drop from the heel to toe.

Despite the width of the toe box, its streamlined body makes the shoe look smart even on overweight women. It also comes with an OrthoLite sock line. Because its heel bevel is moderate, orthopedic doctors recommend it for people who have arthritis and some other feet defects. The best shoes for wide feet running are good on hard surfaces due to its excellent cushion capacity.

You can be sure that they wouldn’t experience undue pain and bruises when going for long runs. The mesh lace-up design allows for improved comfort and breathability.

10. Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoe

For Orthotics
Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoe

0.56 pounds


Women Shoes

Things we liked Extremely lightweight and strong build Supports the use of orthotics Offers lots of comforts and stability Durable materials and versatility

Things we didn’t like Less effective for rough terrains Some users complain that the heel is quite high.

This model from Brooks is meant for helping overweight women who use orthotics to get better movement and improve coordination in the bones of the feet. The DNA Loft Foam technology helps to spread the user’s load and ensure greater stability.

Whatever foot issue you have, you need shoes that will help improve your condition rather than just any shoes. The Brooks Ghost 9 comes with many features that make it suitable for people with foot issues, including arthritis, flat foot, and other defects.

Be sure to choose a fitting size to improve your results. Fat and heavy runners will find the Ghost 9 shoes more comfortable than many other options.

Buying Guide for Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

Heavy women will find themselves surrounded by quite many options when considering which running shoes to buy. Note that not all brands of shoes that claim that they are made explicitly for heavy female runners will live up to your expectations. We have put together some indicators that can determine which of the options is worth your attention.

  1. Arch Support

Most heavy female runners have flat feet due to the sheer weight of the body. As such, the best choice should help correct the flat feet and give your feet the needed support. This will prevent ankle sprains, which many heavy women often complain about.

  1. Breathability

Heavy runners often break into sweat faster than their lighter counterparts. Sweat can also come from the feet and make running in the shoes quite uncomfortable. To reduce sweating from the feet, good running shoe brands use mesh upper to cover the shoes. This material allows air to flow freely in the shoes when running. The airflow reduces sweat during exercise and keeps the shoes more comfortable so you can cover a long distance.

  1. Nice Fit

Before you buy those pairs of running shoes from a physical store, take your time to try them on. See if they fit perfectly from heel to toe before you decide to pay. Often when the shoes fit and you are comfortable lifting them, this means they might be great for running. On the other hand, if the pair seems too tight or loose, it is better to try another brand or find a better fitting size.

  1. Specialized Design

Heavy runners tend to witness foot expansion when running. Select shoes that will allow for easy expansion of the feet while still holding the fit firmly and in good shape. Look out for shoes that have more gel cushioning. They often offer more in terms of weight support and feet expansion. You may need to analyze the structure of your feet to determine if you need more cushioning at the heels or forefoot. Take your running style also into account. Those who often feel pain on the outer part of the feet when running choose flex design shoes. Flex design shoes are more comfortable for heavy runners.

  1. Insole

Having an insole ensures that your shoes can last longer. If you have orthotics, this is one crucial factor to consider. Removable soles make it possible for you to change soles when they are worn out or when you find a better quality replacement that promises better support for your feet.

  1. Durability

Top-notch quality running shoes can cost quite a lot, and it is better to get the best at once. It may go on to serve you for longer than you initially thought. Recommendations from friends and trusted reviews can help you determine which shoe brand is durable. Choose from our top-rated shoe brands. You can be sure that they will last longer.

  1. Color

Indeed, you should also consider the color of your footwear before purchasing it. White and black colors are evergreen because you can match them with almost any sportswear. You can also try to include some other colors like gray and multiple color shoes. Multiple colors shoes will help you find lots of creativity and style as you run in your shoes with enhanced confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

What is the best heavy running shoe for heavy runners?

The shoes for heavy runners need to be stronger with better soles and shock absorption to help them run effectively. For heavy female runners, we recommend Hoka One One Women’s Bondi and ASICS Women’s Gel – Cummulus 18 running shoes.

What is the best shoe for overweight runners?

Overweight women tend to require more cushioning on the heels than people with lesser weight. Hence, shoes that have improved cushioning should serve overweight runners better. The New Balance Women W990V4 and Brooks Women’s Ravenna 9 are our best recommendations.

What are the best running shoes for heavy men?

There is no one cap fits all in this aspect. The best shoes for heavy men depend on foot conditions, running style, and tracks used consistently.

Often, some shoes perform better on some tracks and disappoint others. However, some shoes can run on multiple tracks yet offer high performance.

One of them is the Brooks Transcend 6 for men and the New Balance 990 for Men. These two are good options to choose from. However, the intending user needs to consider his running style and features of the feet. It is better to select top-rated shoes that match one’s anatomy, needs, and size.

How long should a shoe last for heavy female runners?

There is no fixed time for when you need should change the shoe. However, it is advisable to change running shoes every 300-400 miles. Other factors, such as body weight, track surface, and running style, may also come to play.

Lightweight runners can get new shoes when they approach the suggested 400 miles limit. Due to more pressure on shoes worn by heavier runners, they should consider changing the shoes as they approach the 300 miles limit.

In some instances, the shoes may become faulty after a few sessions of use. Try to repair them. If they still give you issues, change them immediately before they cause any injury.

Do all running shoes allow the use of orthotics?

Not all running shoes support the use of orthotics. You can identify those that support the use of orthotics by checking if they have a removable insole. Orthotics support is required for people who have various foot issues.

The major problem is the differences in shoe size measurements used across the various continents. American footwear companies have fixed size specifications. Size specifications for imported shoes may not tally with the size measurements that you are familiar with. This is why it is advisable to check for size discrepancies before you order a pair of shoes. This will save you from buying ill-fitting shoes.


In this article, we talked about everything you need to know before choosing the best running shoes for heavy female runners. Our review is based on product testing, user testimonials, and extensive research on each product.

We also listed the essential factors you need to consider before buying a pair of running shoes for heavier runners. These include arch support, insole specs, design, durability, color, and breathability.

Our best choice overall is the New Balance Women W990V4 stability shoes. The design may seem quite dull. However, it is unrivalled in terms of comfort and performance. It offers excellent propulsion, which makes them the best stability running shoes for overweight female runners. It also makes running less stressful for the ankles and feet.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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