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9 Best Running Shoes for Bad Ankles in 2022 with Buying Guide

Best Running Shoes for Bad Ankles

It goes without question that running is dependent on the condition of ankles and knees. As you run, the body distributes weight down to your feet. As a result, you risk getting injuries if you have weak ankles, which would in turn call for you to have the best running shoes for bad ankles.

  1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 – Best Overall
  2. Asics Gel-Kayano 28 – Best in Durability
  3. Saucony Hurricane 22 – Best Stability
  4. Brooks Addiction 14 – Best Comfort
  5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 – Best Breathability
  6. New Balance 990v5 – Best Protection
  7. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 – Best Flexibility
  8. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 – Best Versatility
  9. Under Armour Charged Assert 8 – Pocket-friendly

Some individuals have weak knees, which relate to chronic reasons. The reason why one needs knee-ankle protecting shoes is to overcome injuries in joints and knees. Furthermore, you require these ankle and knee support sneakers for safety reasons.

In this guide, we unveil some of the best running shoes for bad ankles. We aim at providing pertinent details that make you overcome purchasing errors.

Understanding Knee and Ankle Problems When Running

As you run, you will encounter injuries relating to many causes. Consequently, it is more sensible to consult your concerns with your physiotherapist. One option of treatment is the use of support shoes.

The basic thing is to be aware of the condition of your joint first. Such details influence your choice when looking for the correct stability shoes.

Here are notable causes of ankle and knee problems:

·   Overuse: When you overuse your joints, chances of encountering pain are high. The best practice is to rest for at least two days weekly. Such applies when you are in intensive training for the coming event.

·   Poor Posture: One can trace injuries and pains in the body from poor posture. The primary remedy is to fix it with the right posture, and it will disappear.

·   Old Injuries: Many sportspeople encounter injuries such as a broken leg or straining your ankle. It is not a surprise for the past injuries to show up again.

·   Pronation Issues: Pronation is the process of your heel striking the ground before rolling. When you over-protonate, pain may follow if you lack suitable shoes.

·   Fractures and other Musculoskeletal Problems: You may need a specialist to establish if your body has a joint fluid challenge or fractures.

·   Infection: There exist many types of infections that cause pain and swelling in the ankle joint. There is a bone infection that is responsible for joint pain.

·   Gout: It comes as a response to access uric acid in the body. Generally, we release uric acid from the body via urine. Excess uric acid forms crystals in joints causing pain in the ankles.

·   Flat foot: The arc is the distance between the heel and the foot’s ball. The foot should create a hollow area as you stand. Suppose your remains flat, and the chance could be, as a result, tear or wear. Generally, it is painless, but the ankles can swell when they disconnect with the knees.

·   Sprains: one of the common causes of ankle pain is sprain ankles. The sprain will become real when the ligaments tear or stretch. Twisted ankles occur when the ankle rolls from its normal position forcefully.

·   Reactive arthritis: It is a result of infections in the urinary tract. The first places to feel such pain are ankles and joints. However, the doctor may use antibiotics to treat such infections. You can make your joints to be flexible by doing some exercises.

Band Ankles Symptoms

One should get alarmed when experienced the following ankle symptoms:

  • Sore feet and ankles
  • Constant ankle sprains or injuries
  • Frequent twisting of ankles when walking
  • Challenge in maintaining straight ankles in heels

Home Treatment for Bad Ankles

You can relieve the ankle pain by performing several actions. The most common ones are resting or over-the-counter medication. Ensure you follow the doctors’ prescription while treating your ankle at home.

Some would recommend a RICE approach. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If the pain continues to persist, then consult your provider. Let’s look at the best ankle treatments while at home:

·   Rest: When you experience an injury, it is advisable to let your feet take enough rest. Follow the recommendations of your physician to understand the duration. You can use a walking boot or crutches to support minimal movements. They shield your foot from placing a lot of weight on the injured ankle.

·   Ice: You can reduce the swelling by applying ice or cold. The action compresses the area for twenty minutes in the preceding hours.

·   Compression: The affected person should consult the doctor about wrapping an elastic bandage. It should cover around the ankle to lower inflammation. Caution is key as one should not make it too tight.

·   Elevation: You can lower the swelling by resting your ankle positioned above your heart. Another method is to sleep at night while elevating your foot.

·   Over-the-counter Medication: You are free to take drugs to reduce inflammations. Before taking any drug, you should consult your doctor on the best option to reduce ankle pains.

·   Supportive Shoe: Ensure you wear the right shoes that support your ankles and feet. Some of the options to avoid are loose sandals, shoes, and flip-flops. It is advisable to put on the right shoe while playing sports. Some aggressive games like basketball are prone to ankle injuries. It becomes real, especially when lacking the right shoes.

Review of the Best Shoes for Bad Ankles

The runner ought to have the correct shoes to overcome specific challenges. If you have a bad ankle, then double-check your options before making decisions.

We have some options that can meet your needs, as indicated below.

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 – Best Overall

Arguably, Brooks is among the most flexible and reliable running shoes in the market. It features among our best running shoes for bad ankles.

These running shoes are for runners who need ankle support and exceptional cushioning. They feature a plush cushioning system that is ideal for extra comfort.

Stability is what defines the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20, supported by unmatched energizing gel cushioning. The shoe comes with a modernized and streamlined design hence suitable for over-pronation. Notably, it has the DNA loft crash pad that can adopt every stride.

This versatile Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoe product becomes helpful in several situations. It is great for road running, the gym, or cross-training. It has a roomy toe box which allows your fingers free movement.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoe has a mesh upper to make it breathable. As such, the user will not encounter much sweat to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Still, this mesh upper shaves weight to result in a lighter shoe.

The user enjoys a proven fit complimented by a lightweight design. The design assists you in moving fast; you add extra speed to your stride. The runner does not experience excess weight, making them user-friendly. Besides, this shoe features a guide rail system. It keeps excess movement in check to increase user comfort.

The soft cushioning of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoes becomes handy to protect your legs from any harm. The soft design shields your legs from shock impacts and enhances your efficiency. Such allows you to make on any terrains without encountering any injuries.

There is a durable rubber great for longevity. The only downside of these brooks shoes is that they favor individuals with high arches.

These Brooks shoes are also good for runners with flat feet and plantar fasciitis. You can use them with your custom orthotics.

2. Asics Gel-Kayano 28 – Best in Durability

Asics Gel Kayano represents that type of shoe one treasures at an upscale price point. However, the shoe is worth your penny thanks to its outstanding features.

For instance, there is a multi-directional mesh to enhance ventilation and stability. Such eliminates moisture accumulation and makes your feet comfortable.

Besides, these Asics best running shoes for bad ankles have redesigned external heel counter. The design keeps the foot stable and offers more comfort as your make strides. The user becomes more balanced when running on different terrains. The manufacturer used DuoMax System to promote good ankle support and stability.

These high-quality Asics Gel-Kayano running shoes have a reduced weight which is beneficial to your running experience.

These Asics running shoes also have great support that offers more allowance for feet movement. The role of 3D space construction is to eliminate pronation. Additionally, it also improves cushioning and compression at foot-strike.

That Asics Gel-Kayano 28 shoe boasts of a low-profile external heel counter. The design resonates with your foot backed by enhanced rear-foot arch support. The runner encounters a well-cushioned midsole to improve responsiveness and stability. The arrangement offers a smooth and supportive feel for every step.

These Asics Gel-Kayano 28 running shoes use Gel Technology which supports cushioning systems. It allows the runner to encounter a smooth ride, and you make a softer landing. The user will not feel the shock wave when making movements on different surfaces.

The heel counter offers a secure and snug fit. The only downside of these Asics shoes is that they have a narrow fit around mid-foot.

3. Saucony Hurricane 22 – Best Stability

Finding a high-quality running shoe for bad ankles is not easy in the market. Saucony Hurricane 22 is among the best running shoes for ankle and arch support thanks to its outstanding features. Many runners prefer it due to its support and durability.

This running shoe consists of varying mechanisms to offer arch support. Furthermore, it has incredible cushioning that offers a luxurious underfoot feel. The bottom is durable and break-resistant to offer extensive runner service.

These pair of running shoes consist of form-fit, which is a luxurious bucket seat for the feet. As such, it promotes a perfect fit to conform to your feet’ structure.

The design can adapt your foot to create a custom-fit feel. In the end, the runner benefits from overall shoe comfort.  As such, they are also perfect for runners with flat feet.

The Saucony Hurricane 22 running shoe has stiff soles with a high level of flexibility. The combination promotes the necessary comfort that a runner needs with bad ankles. The soft upper offers a sock-like fit to enhance your running experience.

Again, these running shoes have a springy sole to offer the required push when running. The mesh upper promotes ventilation to eliminate any sweat in your feet. The runner cannot experience bacterial accumulation leading to various feet infections.

Typically, Saucony Hurricane 22 is lightweight. The user does not encounter fatigue when running over long distance easily. The good news is it supports mid and low arches. It is noteworthy that this option happens to be costly. If high quality implies high pricing, then you can consider this shoe for your daily use.

4. Brooks Addiction 14 – Best Comfort

Brooks Addiction 14 running shoes are suitable for both walkers and runners. They are motion control running shoes featuring a lot of stability. They work by positioning the arch support to keep your body under the natural path of motion.

These pair of running shoes are great for those who have ankle rolling while recovering from an injury. It is a perfect fit as it acts as a pain reliever by offering ankle comfort.

These running shoes for women and men meet the standard of several standardization bodies like PDAC A5500. They are ideal if you need shoes that are roomy, especially for flat feet.

Moreover, there is super-soft cushioning, which adapts to your strides, speed, and weight. As such, your feet get protection against impacts on your joints.

This running shoe has a wide toe box featuring varying width sizes. The rounded toe box also adds to the comfort as it allows toes some wiggle room.

It is true to size as one can remove it from the box and use it right away. The shoe has specialized orthotics to provide extra room for a generous fit.

The upper mesh has breathable materials, which are also durable. This arrangement offers the runner enough ankle support on top of the feet. Furthermore, it provides the needed fit to keep your feet cool.

Finally, the shoe uses a progressive diagonal rollbar to guide the feet back to the track. Such support is key to prevent rolled-back ankles. Overall, these are great support and stability shoes that meet your needs. One of its downsides is that this option could be heavier than other shoes on our list.

5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 – Best Breathability

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is another great shoe with proven reliability among runners. This option features exceptional ankle support to promote the user experience. It can be a great choice for runners who prefer light and snappy shoes.

Besides, Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 uses unique wave technology. It features a midsole design that offers an improved heel-to-toe transition. In addition, it has a comfortable structure to support your feet whenever you run.

There is a wave plate to offer a zippy feel. Moreover, this wave plate has improved cushioning to promote a softer ride. The midsole is efficient in delivering optimal shock reduction and a superior ride.

The Mizuno wave shoes are designed with an upper section that has a softer and breathable fit. This mesh has a moisture-wicking design to prevent the accumulation of sweat in your feet. Similarly, there is an internal toe that provides a cleaner look. It also shields your toes from penetrating through the mesh.

These pair of running shoes for women and men have an outer sole that features a durable rubber. One can use it for several miles before performing any replacement. This durable fit ensures long wear and high performance. The used energy foam has springy qualities. The material is more responsive to your workouts.

Overall, this shoe provides dependable support to assist runners with band ankles. It has better cushioning mechanisms to protect your feet. This running shoe is suitable for both beginners and experts. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with extra wide feet.

6. New Balance 990v5 – Best Protection

New Balance 990v5 is a great shoe with an outstanding performance record. The shoe exhibits durability and support to enhance your running experience.

The shoes have a blown rubber outsole, making them suitable for road and light trails. This outsole features dependable treads for good traction. They become useful for on and off-road functions.

The shoes have a meshed top which is a key feature for promoting ventilation. The other part features pigskin leather which is eye-catching and breathable. Since the shoes come in many sizes, they are ideal for all runners.

Again, these shoes have a midsole cushioning to deliver comfort for every stride. There is also a tor protect technology to shield your feet from the effects of rocks debris and rocks. The shoes feature a sleek and sporty style for a sleek fit feel.

Besides, these shoes have a stuffer design that is suitable for bad ankles. It offers support for over-pronation to prevent rolling your ankles. The shoes are great for casual wear as well as offering support for your running.

Many runners prefer lightweight and breathable shoes. That is what to expect from this product.

7. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 – Best Flexibility

ASICS is a durable shoe featuring both fabric and synthetic materials. The shoe has a guarantee of lifelong performance hence worth the top dollar. There is cushioning in the rear to offer unmatched comfort while on a trail.

The midsole enjoys the use of Gel technology which absorbs shock with every stride.

The design protects and prevents your ankles from encountering shock impacts. Uniquely, this shoe features extra midsole support to serve runners with high arches. The FluidRide Midsole is supportive and cushioned to offer a responsive ride.

There is a seamless meshed upper, which is flexible and reinforced. This flexibility helps assist it to remain adaptable to your foot. The mesh is also breathable making it a perfect combination for comfort.

More importantly, this Asics shoe has a stiff design and cushioning. The two features make it great for runners by protecting their ankles. It provides great ankle support around the heel. There is a heel counter which adds further stability.

For safety reasons, this shoe features reflective accents. The design makes it improve your visibility when you operate in the dark. The use of Flytefoam technology is suitable for offering lightweight cushioning.

The shoe is unique since it is gender-specific with 3D space construction. It meets different compression rates for every foot-strikes per gender. Lastly, this shoe product may not be suitable for runners who have low arches.

8. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 – Best Versatility

Hoka One One Bondi 6 makes the runner feel smooth. Furthermore, it is ideal for lowering pressure on joints and muscles. The runner feels steady as if you are driving an off-road car. There is a rocker midsole that allows a faster and efficient motion from heel to toe.

As you wear this shoe, your heel feels secure while the toes have room to breathe. The stability shoe features a lycra comfort heel construction. There is an internal heel counter to offer a locked-in fit. The active foot frame allows the foot to sink, unlike sitting on top of it.

The used construction materials are light and breathable. The redesigned outsole adds to the overall shoe durability. The shoe is lightweight, making the runner feel like floating, supported by a meshed upper.

The upper part of the shoe is flexible to accommodate different feet sizes. This shoe is aesthetically attractive hence suitable for running and casual wear.

The use of Meta-Rocker technology ensures consistent rides over a long distance.

This shoe comes with a fair price tag. Notably, the cushioned option is more costly than the minimal shoe. Generally, the prices are within the affordable range.

The rocker sole is ideal for lowering pain from injuries and increase user comfort.

9. Under Armour Charged Assert 8 – Pocket-friendly

Wrapping our list is Under Armour Charged Asset 8, which is a budget-friendly option.

This shoe has a breathable upper to support ventilation and enhance comfort. The meshed upper makes it lightweight to make them convenient for long sessions.

The shoe uses new technology featuring durable leather overlays for stability.

Furthermore, it has a cushioning effect to protect your feet and enhance comfort. There is a sock-liner to offer soft and step-in comfort.

There is a solid rubber outsole that covers high-impact zones. Such offers greater durability to offer the runner a lifelong performance. The midsole utilizes compression molded foam for greater responsiveness. This midsole provides energy return and optimal cushioning to overcome shock waves.

The sole fits those runners who have a neutral foot-strike. It has deep and shallow grooves to make a flexible platform. One can run on both wet and dry surfaces without encountering any challenge. Such a slip-resistant design allows you to run on hilly arrears effortlessly.

This shoe is suitable for running and performing other workouts. One can still use it for casual purposes.

Buying Guide to the Best Running Shoes for Band Ankles

Before you invest in knee and support shoes, establish the root cause of your ankle pain. Such shoes have unique features that work to offer additional support.

Many variables exist to enable you to gauge the quality of your suitable running shoe. Here are the criteria to use for evaluation.


As you look for the best shoe for running, consider the ones that adapt to particular needs. The best option is those that wrap your foot in cushioning and supportive comfort. Such keep your feet stable as you run on different terrains.

There are foot types that require more stability to shield it from collapsing as you run. Such include flatter heels or the one with over-pronation. It is easy to shallow the manufacture’s commercial language of stability. However, the true test of stability is the use of the shoe for actual running.


As a runner, you should give much focus to the breathability of your shoe. You need to have better airflow when the feet become hot and sweaty. Poor ventilation puts you at risk of producing an odor. Again, this leads to the development of sore spots and blisters. The role of breathability is to ensure your shoe remains cool and dry.

One can check the endurance level of the shoe by the airiness of the trainer. Cool and dry feet enhance foot control and prevent fatigue. Such helps the runner to make controlled strides. A sweat is uncomfortable, which is an aspect that can reduce your performance. The right shoe should wick the moisture and control the internal temperatures.


A durable running shoe is worth your salt. It should resist tear and wear as you subject it to running and workouts regularly. The right shoe should offer a lifelong performance without demanding frequent replacements.

The durable shoe features high-quality materials. Durability accompanies high support to take you several miles without tearing. The best way to determine the durability of a shoe is to know the value of the materials. Some are synthetic, while others come from natural elements.


The runner enjoys protection by owning stable feet. Poor stability is the cause of ankle and feet injuries extending to the rest of the body. The right pair of the shoe should balance your feet and make it stable as you run.

In normal cases, stability decreases as you increase in run distance. The correct shoe should provide the runner with long-range stability as they run.


The shoe should offer the right grip needed to work on different surfaces. Ensure you acquire the shoe from a reputable brand featuring the correct treads. It should have durable treads which do not wear out easily. You can still select the trail running shoes that feature durable and extra tough lugs.


Cushioning is key in enhancing user comfort. The right shoe should have padding and cushion on all strategic areas. They include the heel and midsole areas for additional comfort.


It is vital to go for shoes that offer a snug fit. Such allows you to make comfortable front and back movements. The right practice is to buy a running shoe that has double the size of your regular shoe. The bigger size tolerates feet movement to prevent toes pain.

Similarly, avoid buying oversized shoes as they can result in ankle slipping. The common sizes are narrow, regular, and wide fits. Ensure to select the suitable fit.


We recommend that you buy a running-specific shoe to serve a similar sport. The challenge with generic shoes is that they lack enough cushioning and ankle support. Such shoes can complicate matters for you when you run.


The buyer must stick within the budget to avoid emptying the entire bank for similar reasons. That calls for one to perform extensive research to determine the correct choice. If high quality is what moves you, then settle for the premium-priced ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best running shoes for bad ankles?

The best running shoes for bad ankles have unique features to promote your sport.

First off, they have better cushioning to promote user comfort. Better yet, such shoes are breathable to promoted dryness and coolness.

Such shoes should offer enough grip to allow one to run on wet or dry surfaces well. Again, they should be responsive to adapt to the feet’ structure.

What shoes are good for ankle pain?

The right shoe for ankle pain should offer enough heel and ankle support. They should be lightweight to prevent adding more weight and budget the feet. Additionally, the shoe should fit the runner to enhance user comfort.

Can bad running shoes cause ankle pain?

Yes. You must wear the right shoe to the running course. A bad running shoe makes one prone to some ankle pain because it can fail to offer suitable comfort. The correct shoe should offer better arc and heel support to ensure your feet do not strain. When you strike down with the right shoe, it will strain the joints and muscles and cause ankle pain.

Do high top shoes help ankles?

Yes. Such shoes offer an allowance for feet movements and enhance your running convenience. The feet require an allowance to prevent causing straight of the muscles. However, such shoes should have a breathable top introduce some ventilation.

How do you strengthen ankles?

The runner should rest for two days and begin to perform specific stretches. They include towel pulls, heel walks, leaps, and more. You can still perform squats and lunges with also strengthens the ankles.

What causes pain in the ankles after running?

Several causes may make one encounter such a scenario. However, we cannot overlook the possibility of minor ankle sprain or arthritis symptoms. One should visit the doctor to determine the remedy.


The runner requires to have stable feet to meet the running needs. What discourages many is experiencing pain as you walk or run. The solution is to seek the physician to determine the right solution.

However, the solution is never complete without wearing the right shoe. The best running shoe comes in handy to solve such cases. These orthopedic shoes have some mechanisms that offer support and comfort. Your feet will be safe as you run with the correct shoes.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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