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7 Best Electric Treadmills Under 200 for 2022 with Buying Guide

Best Electric Treadmill Under 200

Treadmills are one of the most efficient aerobic workout machines in homes. They come with plenty of benefits to the users. They help users improve their cardiovascular fitness, maintain a healthy weight, and build strong bones.

But treadmills don’t come always come cheap since they always advance in technology. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend over 500 dollars to get a treadmill. You can find still find the best electric treadmill under 200 dollars that works best for you.

This article will review some of the best electric treadmills below the $200 price point. It will also guide you on buying the best electric treadmill in the buyer’s section below. Read on for more information!

Why Buy a Treadmill?

You have many reasons why you need to invest in the best treadmill. First, such a treadmill will help you lose some weight and keep you physically fit. You will burn excess calories and improve your heart and lungs’ strength just by walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill.

Electric treadmills also prevent you from training too hard. Most people want to walk or run fast when working out. They end up exhausting their energy too soon or get injuries. But an electric treadmill prevents you from walking or running fast by allowing you to program its speed. Therefore, their speed regulation is an important feature that prevents you from training too hard.

A treadmill also allows you to make small adjustments as your training improves. When starting your training, you should start at slower speeds. You will then have to work your way up from slower speeds. Fortunately, treadmills allow you to adjust the speeds to match your training level.

You can also use your treadmill anytime, and this is another reason why you need it. People leading busy lives might not have time to go to the gym. But with a treadmill in the house, they can train anytime. A treadmill is a workout machine that allows you to train in your free time.

Comparison Chart for Best Electric Treadmill Under 200:

1. Fgewrg Folding Electric Treadmill Fgewrg Folding Electric Treadmill
  • 1HP motor
  • 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • 0.5-4MPH speed..
4.6/5 Stars
2. KAB Electric Treadmill KAB Electric Treadmill
  • Alloy steel and ABS materials.
  • 265 lbs load-bearing capacity.
  • Manual treadmill belt.
4.5/5 Stars
3. Cobcob Running Machine Cobcob Running Machine
  • HD LED display.
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • 242 lbs weight capacity.
4.4/5 Stars
4. Ongmies Wireless Remote Under-Desk Treadmill Ongmies Wireless Remote Under-Desk Treadmill
  • 1HP motor.
  • 0.5-4MPH speed.
  • A wireless remote control.
4.4/5 Stars
5. OKBOP Folding Electric Treadmills OKBOP Folding Electric Treadmills
  • 12 workout programs.
  • 10 MPH maximum speed.
  • Non-slip walking surface.
4.5/5 Stars
6. OKBOP Folding Electric Treadmills CSSAD Electric Folding Treadmill
  • 2.5 HP motor.
  • Safety key feature.
  • HD LCD display.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
4.5/5 Stars
7. Debonla 2 in 1 Folding Under-Desk Treadmill Debonla 2 in 1 Folding Under-Desk Treadmill
  • Material: Steel and ABS.
  • 1HP motor.
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Product weight: 55.5 lbs.
4.6/5 Stars

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Review of each Treadmill:

Our Top Pick

1. Fgewrg Folding Electric Treadmill

Best Overall
Folding Treadmill, Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Jogging Exercise Machine Home Workout Foldable Running Machine with Remote Control, LED Display, 0.5-4 MPH (US Stock)


FEATURES: 1HP motor 110V, 50/60Hz corded AC power Touchscreen LCD. Wireless remote control 220 lbs weight capacity 0.5-4MPH speed adjustability Manual treadmill belt 41 x 15 inches walking belt

Fgewrg is a folding treadmill that’s ideal for people within a tight budget. Even though it comes at a price below $200, it doesn’t feature a flimsy construction, and this is incredible! The steel frame makes it have a heavy-duty construction that supports up to 220 lbs.

Before using this treadmill, your weight should be within the weight capacity for improved longevity and excellent performance. The folding construction makes the treadmill have a compact size design for storing it under the desk and other limited spaces.

The electric treadmill doesn’t have much to it, but it does include a touchable LCD display for controlling its functions. You can effectively control the speed from 0.5-4 MPH to adjust your training speed.

It also includes P01-P12 programs for an excellent workout. You can select programs using the wireless remote control. The remote control works within a radius of 15m, giving you enough control range. The incline running surface measures 41 x 15 inches and comprises a high-quality ABS material for durability.

In case you have a safety concern, you can always hit the emergency brake button. It is a motorized treadmill with a 1HP motor for efficient performance. It performs incredibly well and is, therefore, one of the best cheap electric treadmills under 200 dollars. It is the best cheap treadmill for a limited space.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

2. KAB Electric Treadmill

Best for weight capacity
KAB Electric Treadmill


FEATURES: Alloy steel and ABS materials 265 lbs load-bearing capacity Manual treadmill belt Dashboard displays time, speed, distance, and calories Built-in transportation wheels 15 pre-set programs

The premium quality alloy steel frame makes this folding treadmill very sturdy and can withstand a weight capacity exceeding 250 lbs. It is a cheap electric treadmill since its price is below $200. Therefore, it is another affordable treadmill on the list.

Finding treadmills under 200 dollars with armrests isn’t a walk in the park. But this unit has armrests, making it the best treadmill for users looking for support when training. What’s more, you can easily adjust the armrests’ height to match your height for user convenience.

The machine also has a dashboard that displays speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. It does have 15 programs for a workout, with each program designed to provide a specific training result.

Since it’s an electric-powered treadmill under 200 dollars, it will require you to connect it to an AC power outlet. Even though it is an electric treadmill, it is also a mechanical treadmill with manual speed adjustability. The motorized treadmill belt generates its power from the user’s backward thrust.

It requires no power to get the belt started since the belt is mechanical. As a result, it saves electric power. This makes it an ideal training machine for a home gym that is aiming to be energy efficient. Portability is another excellent benefit of this home gym machine. Its built-in wheels make it easy to transport it from one room to another. It’s another best cheap fitness equipment for a limited space.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

3. Cobcob Running Machine

Best for home Gym
Cobcob Running Machine


FEATURES: HD LED display High-precision belt Adjustable armrests Sturdy frame 242 lbs weight capacity A folding frame

This folding treadmill is a space saver with its folding design that makes it an ideal selection for a home gym. The steel frame makes it very sturdy. As a result, this treadmill can take on any weight. The incredible weight capacity makes it ideal for runners of all ages.

The machine has pressure-balanced shock absorbers that ensure you have smoother runs. The shock absorbers also ensure your machine has a longer lifespan. As such, this is one of the best choice products for older runners who are not looking for bumpy running experiences.

It is one of the electric treadmills under 200 dollars with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature comes in handy if you’re looking to listen to your favorite music tracks as you train in your home gym. The machine allows you to pair it with your smartphone and enjoy your music for improved running performance.

The folding treadmill allows you to train at various incline levels since you can adjust the running belt level. You can then create more challenging training for a wide array of cardio benefits, especially with the manual treadmill belt. At the end of your training sessions, you will experience improved blood circulation and increase your bone density.

The treadmill has 12 programs for workout routines, with each program designed to provide a specific training result. Choose the right program for you with the help of the HD LED display onboard the treadmill. The LED display shows your speed, time, distance, and calories burned.

Keeping your progress is, therefore, another benefit of this machine. The built-in wheels improve transportation. You could move this machine from one room to another without much effort. It has an adjustable armrest despite coming at an affordable price range. If you’re looking to play music while you jog, this treadmill might be the best for you. It’s another best cheap treadmill for a home gym space.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

4. Ongmies Wireless Remote Under-Desk Treadmill

Best portability
Ongmies Wireless Remote Under-Desk Treadmill


FEATURES: Steel and ABS materials Folding design Manual treadmill belt 1HP motor 0.5-4MPH speed adjustability Manual mode for the incline running surface A wireless remote control Instruction manual

This is a folding treadmill that allows you to store it in compact-size spaces such as under a desk. Sime your home gym might not have ample storage space, this treadmill might be an ideal investment. Its high-quality steel frame makes it very sturdy. As a result, you can expect to have a 220 lbs weight capacity.

It is a motorized treadmill with a 1HP electric motor powering the belt. With such a powerful motor, your treadmill can achieve speeds ranging between 0.5-4 MPH. It is one of the electric treadmills under 200 dollars with plenty of programs to choose from.

It has an LED display that shows the speed, time, distance, calories burned, and the current training program. What’s more, you can control the treadmill wirelessly since it comes with a remote control that works within a 15m radius.

The walking area is large, with a 41 x 17 inches walking area. This works to give you plenty of incline running surface for your daily training. The built-in wheels come in handy if you want to transport the treadmill from one location to another within your home gym. The treadmill is, therefore, one of the best choice products for users who move their treadmills a lot.

Besides, the machine is lightweight since it weighs 55.5 pounds. The ABS material on the armrest is soft for ergonomics. To get your reading on display, you will need to connect the treadmill to an AC 110V, 50/60Hz power outlet.

It’s a manual treadmill that lets you adjust the speed with your foot’s back thrust force. This is one of the easy-to-use treadmills for users with a home gym and could be worth the investment.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

5. OKBOP Folding Electric Treadmills

Best for limited space
OKBOP Folding Electric Treadmills


FEATURES: 12 workout programs 10 MPH maximum speed. Manual treadmill belt Non-slip walking surface Transportation wheels HD LCD monitor Weighs 61.7 pounds Black and silver color finish Folding frames

This treadmill weighs 61.7 pounds. It is a heavy-duty treadmill with an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs. Its sturdy steel frame makes it very durable, besides allowing it to support incredibly huge weights. It features a folding design, making it one of the best choice products for people with limited space in their home gym.

With this folding treadmill, you can maximize the space under your desk by storing this machine there. It has armrests for support when you’re training. The machine also has an LCD display that shows essential workout programs and data such as speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burned.

The incline running surface is also large and measures 42in x 13 inches. With 12 preset workout programs on this treadmill, you can be sure to achieve your training goal within your set timeframe. You can also vary the training difficulty by adjusting the speed up to 10 MPH maximum.

With a 300-pound user weight capacity, this machine for a home gym has one of the safest incline running surfaces. The non-slip walking surface makes this machine the best treadmill under 200 dollars for users looking to have accident-free training sessions.

Its incredibly affordable price also makes it joint the class of cheap electric treadmills under 200. As such, it is worth the investment, especially for 300 lbs users.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

6. CSSAD Electric Folding Treadmill

Best for safe use
CSSAD Electric Folding Treadmill


FEATURES: Weight: 61.7 pounds User weight capacity is 265 lbs Size: 44×52×13.8 inches 2.5 HP motor Safety key feature Folding frame design HD LCD display Bluetooth speakers Built-in transportation wheels

This is a folding treadmill that also has an integrated safety key. The safety key works with an emergency close button to immediately stop the walking belt if there is a safety concern. As such, this is one of the best choice products for users with safety concerns in mind.

Besides being very safe to use, it also features a sturdy frame made of steel. Even though it’s one of the cheap electric treadmills under 200 dollars, it has a reputable build. It weighs 61.7 lbs and can support over 250 lbs user weight, thanks to the incredible frame material. This makes the treadmill a heavy-duty machine for any home gym.

With its folding design, you can be sure to have a super-fast assembly right out of the box. It also guarantees easy storage since you will only need to fold it before stashing it away under your desk. Controlling the treadmill is a no-brainer with the machine’s multi-functional LCD display.

The LCD display helps you track your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. There are also 12 workout programs to toggle through with the help of the LCD display. You can also adjust the training difficulty by taking advantage of the various incline levels.

The control panel is Bluetooth enabled to help you listen to your favorite songs while you train. It is also ideal for elderly users since its shock-absorbing systems guarantee smoother walking, jogging, and running experiences.

You can adjust the speed until you achieve a 10 MPH speed. What’s more, the 57CM belt runs smoothly with no sound! Therefore, this is one of the best electric treadmills under 200 for users looking for a quieter treadmill.

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

7. Debonla 2 in 1 Folding Under-Desk Treadmill

Best lightweight design
Debonla 2 in 1 Folding Under-Desk Treadmill


FEATURES: Material: Steel and ABS 1HP motor Weight capacity: 220 lbs Product weight: 55.5 lbs Product dimension: 23 x 51 x 6 inches Corded power: AC110V, 50/60Hz Wireless remote control

High-quality materials go into the construction of this folding treadmill. Its frame comprises high-quality steel. At the same time, the rest of the parts boast high-quality ABS material. As such, this is a machine that will serve you for years to come since it’s very durable.

It’s obvious the machine has heavy-duty construction and is one of the cheap electric treadmills. Therefore, it has a 220 lbs user weight capacity. The incline running surface is also large enough since it measures 41 x 17 inches. This machine, therefore, gives the user a more comfortable training experience.

For more outstanding results, you may need to adjust your training speed. Fortunately, the machine has speeds ranging from 0.5-4 MPH. But the machine has manual speed adjustability. The action of your feet on the running surface creates the speed you need to train excellently.

Your home gym with limited storage space could use the folding design for easy storage. You can decide to store this machine under your desk since the frame easily folds. Keeping track of your training is also easy. The LED display shows workout data such as the heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned, and time.

All these features come at a cheap price range since the treadmill is under 200 dollars. The ultra-quiet motor guarantees a quiet operation. If you’re looking for a safe training machine, consider buying this treadmill since its running surface is non-slip. It’s a great machine with a lightweight design

Things we liked
Things we didn’t like

Buyer’s Guide

The Material of Cheap Electric Treadmills

Since you’ll frequently be running on your treadmill, you need it to serve you for many years. Be sure to buy a treadmill with high-quality materials. Frames made of steel are an excellent choice. ABS material is also phenomenal.

Besides, a treadmill with a steel-made frame is sturdy and can support larger weights. They are durable and will serve you for many years. Therefore, be sure to buy a treadmill with a steel-made frame for exceptional performance and durability.

A Folding Design

Your home gym might have limited space. This could mean you will want to make use of any space left, such as under your desk. Make sure to buy a foldable treadmill since they allow you to stash them safely under the desk.

Besides, they are easy to install, meaning you can use them right out of the box. The great news is you can find a cheap treadmill that features a folding design for compact spaces. If an easy installation and space-saving storage are your concerns, be sure to look for a unit with a folding frame.

Workout Programs

You will reap more benefits if your unit has a display that shows your training data, such as time, speed, calories burned, and distance. More benefits come if your unit has plenty of workout programs to choose from. The more the workout programs, the more your machine will be beneficial.

This is because each workout program yields a particular result. You can, therefore, choose to burn more calories to reduce weight. You can also choose to strengthen your bones as long as you select the workout program for it. Therefore, be sure to buy a unit with more workout programs.

Weight Capacity

Each treadmill has its weight capacity. If you exceed this capacity, you risk damaging your machine. Before you can buy any treadmill, make sure you don’t exceed its maximum. As such, check your weight to make sure it doesn’t exceed the capacity.

Shock-Absorption Features

Yes, you can find a cheap treadmill with shock-absorption features. They provide a means to have a smooth-running experience. As such, they should be your go-to units if you have an injury. Sock-absorption features also make sure your unit stays pristine as far as efficiency goes.

The shock absorbers dissipate any force of impact during the landing phase. As such, they keep the treadmill running mechanisms working at their best for a long time. Therefore, you should buy a unit with shock absorbers if you want a smooth-running experience and impressive product durability.

LCD Screen

Your unit should have a high-definition screen that displays your training data such as speed, calories, and distance. The screen should also have an eye protection feature for your safety. When looking to buy treadmills, go for those with HD screens, mainly if they feature anti-glare eye protection on their screens.

Treadmill Screen with data
Treadmill Screen with data

Quiet Operation

You might have a study room in the room next to your home gym. Or maybe your family members might find any noise from your training room distracting. So, why not buy a treadmill with a quiet motor operation?

The motor should not just be quiet but powerful as well. Be sure to choose a motor with more horsepower if you’re looking for a powerful running experience. Check the motor horsepower rating so that you’re sure you’re getting a powerful motor.


Your treadmill should be easier to move from one location to the next. But there are two factors to consider to make sure you’re getting a portable unit. First, make sure the unit is lightweight. Check the weight of the machine before buying it. A 55 lbs unit is a lightweight one. Therefore, it’s a great unit to choose from for portability reasons.

Second, check to make sure the unit has transportation wheels built-in. The wheels come in handy if you need to drag your unit to the next location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric treadmills use a lot of electricity?

You can be sure to find an 800W folding treadmill. This means an 800W folding unit uses 800 watts of electric power to operate and train your muscles. However, some treadmills use less power, ranging between 600-700 watts.

Can my treadmill reduce belly fat?

Running on a treadmill is a sure way of burning some calories. Therefore, your treadmill can reduce some belly fats, including the visceral fats under the stomach.

Does an incline treadmill burn more calories?

If you incline the walking surface, you will be increasing the training difficulty. This means you will burn more calories when running for any given distance. Therefore, an incline treadmill is an excellent unit for burning more fat under the skin.

What’s the importance of shock absorbers in a treadmill?

Running can create impacts when your foot lands on the walking surface. Shock absorbers reduce the impacts, thus protecting the treadmill from damaging impacts or forces. They also give you a smooth running experience. Therefore, shock absorbers are ideal for electric treadmills.


Electric treadmills are efficient workout units that help you exercise better. They could strengthen your heart and lungs besides increasing your bone density for impressive physical strength. As such, they are an ideal investment for home gym owners.

The article has looked at incredible electric treadmills below the 200 dollars price range. You can be sure to find a unit that works great for you.

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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