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Benefits of Running in the Morning

Running in the Morning

At some point in time, you must have seen the motivational videos, read the inspirational stories of successful people. If I ask you what is common in their stories? Unanimously you all will answer a perfect morning routine.

Acing your morning routine is like half the job done. The very first thing to reach there is to start with an early morning session. Running not only maintains your physical self, but it offers humongous health benefits and positivity in your life. Let’s dig in deep!

13 Pointers Why Running in the Morning is Good

1. Committed Morning Schedule

Generally, it becomes difficult to stand by our commitments when we are tired and out of energy. When we know ourselves so deeply, we should not give any chance to our mind and body to decline something we desperately need.

The point here is that it is really easy and convenient to convince ourselves to go for a run in the morning when we are not tired and when we are not bound to do any assignments.

It is normal that when you come back after a long day then you want to complete the work and can work more rather than going out for a jog or run. However, if you make your schedule of running in the morning, your mind will be free and you will have time to relax in the evening.

2. Free and Always Open

Running is one of those exercises which comes free and is all at your disposal. You don’t need to fear having a hole in your pocket because of those hefty gym membership fees, or any equipment, etc.

Above all, if you want you may invest in a pair of running shoes and running clothes. Additionally, you don’t have to see the availability, whenever you feel like you can go for a run. It is 24 x 7 open.

3. Not too Hot or too Dark to Run

evening run

The pros of running in the early morning hours are that Nature is too lazy then. As the day progresses, it becomes too hot to hit the tracks. Also, as the sun sets, sometimes it becomes too dark to even take the risk of running out due to some of the other reasons.

Furthermore, once you get on a schedule of running early in the morning, you can cut off your extra expenditures on sunscreen as well. So, the morning will always be the right time to get off the extra calories.

4. Effective Sleep Schedule

The notable benefit of running in the morning is, first you have a fresh day and second is you end up having a sound and deep sleep at night. On the other hand, if you go just hours before sleep or late in the evening, you may have sleepless nights. Also, many people find it difficult to fall asleep quickly.

Adding to the morning schedule, running in the early hours of the day incredibly boosts your energy all day long and you are ready to hit your bed at the right time. This schedule automatically makes your life disciplined and you get better sleep routines.

5. Train your Brain to Get Maximum Gain

Our body is quite an intelligent tool that can be easily programmed. When you start following a daily routine and go running consistently every morning then after a few days of practice, your body clock will respond accordingly.

Moreover, this process of your brain conditioning will enormously help you to leave your bet swiftly. To your surprise, you will slowly observe that you will stop convincing yourself to run and it will eventually become your habit. Plus, you will feel sad when there are situations when you can’t go for a run.

6. Best Exercise to Cut Down the Calorie Count

Running is a result-oriented, high-intensity, high-impact exercise that affects the various groups of muscles. Running not only cuts down your calories but also works hard on your physique. It uniformly brings your body into shape.

Further, if you follow a strict and disciplined running workout routine, at one point in time, your body will start burning calories even 48 hours after you are done running. Therefore, you can say that running is a complete gym within itself.

7. Mood Booster and Keeps Your Spirits High

Practically speaking, any type of workout session or gyming schedule releases endorphins. These endorphins keep you positive, lower your stress levels and make you feel good. All the high-intensity exercises produce happy and feel-good hormones in your body.

Therefore, no matter how stressed you are, this healthy routine is capable of pulling you out of any kind of depression. So never skip your running routine. This is one of the simplest and effective ways to keep yourself healthy, happy, and in high spirits.

8. Less People, Less Chaos

The noteworthy aspect of running is that you are not bothered by people around you, nor do you have to smell sweat in a closed room. Running outside your dwelling in the early morning hours lets you enjoy more nature in the presence of minimum homo sapiens.

Also, you get to enjoy the bliss of chirping birds, the sound of running water if you run around a water body, and whatnot. If you want to feel the wonders, get up early and enjoy later.

9. Alert and Extra Focus

As I discussed above, high-intensity running plans flood your body with adrenaline and endorphins. Both of these chemicals and hormones are quite effective to keep you focused. These chemicals do wonders in making your life less stressful and you can have more discipline with extra alertness.

10. Enhances Your Self-Confidence

I know, you all are thinking, how is running important for our self-confidence? You do feel good when you wake up extra early, follow your everyday running session, witness the sunrise, experience the beautiful birds darting high in the sky, and whatnot.

If you think a little deeper, everyone in your age group wants to have such a disciplined life but how many of them take any initiative. You did it. You certainly feel confident after achieving a milestone. Cherish your achievement!

11. High Productivity

High Productivity

As running takes care of your physical, mental, and emotional self, it eventually sets your body clock. When you hit your sheets at the right time and complete your sleep cycle, you have all the time in the world to complete your tasks in advance.

Besides, once you are done with your exercise, you get encouraged and feel motivated to complete your pending task before the stipulated timeline. This way running not only creases your productivity but keeps you motivated to plan your day. Also, you don’t have to sit for extra hours to complete the work. Thus, running in the morning saves you from extra work as well.

12. Best for Your Heart Health

Another best thing about running in the morning is that it significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. If you run even for 5 to 10 minutes daily, you may have at least a 27% lower chance of early death.

Additionally, a regular runner will have hardly a 30% chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. All of this data is regardless of how fast or slow you run. Running is mostly about following a daily routine without any cheat. In short, an average runner lives a healthier and longer life. I don’t think you want to take any risk on this.

13. Improves Your Metabolism

Metabolism depends on the quality and type of food we eat and the frequency of any physical activity we do to digest it. Food is basically a source of energy that is stored in our body in the form of fat.

If you are seriously aiming to get rid of those extra calories and fat, running can easily do that. When you do a high-impact workout, the body tends to use the stored fat and hence it burns it. Everyday running boosts your metabolism and extensively helps your body to burn the stored calories throughout the day even after exercise.

Before You Go…

I have stated the best 13 tips why running, especially in the morning time is good. All the points are more or less practical and self-experienced. I have been following a running routine in the morning for quite a long time now.

Besides, when I skip this schedule because of any reason, it runs like a recorded message in my mind that I have missed my workout session today. This continuous alarm works for me for the next day’s routine.

Therefore, I would suggest to all of you that running or any exercise is indeed a game-changer if you get addicted to it. It subsequently increases the number of hours in your day and you have more hours to spend time with your loved ones as well. Have a great running session ahead!

I am a middle-aged runner with aspirations of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2022.

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