When Should You Start Running After A Broken Ankle

It is one of the worst feelings in the world for a runner when they have to take a break from running due to an injury. On top of this, a broken ankle or a fractured ankle is one of the worst ones out there. The important question which every runner has contemplated is, what … Read more

The Merits and Demerits of Running Without Underwear

There are times, when you become so uncomfortable that either you think that you should have worn my underwear or you strongly feel that you should have skipped it. In both cases, you are right. Here the catch is, you should not compromise with your body, comfort and breathability. To save you from having such … Read more

Benefits of Running in the Morning

At some point in time, you must have seen the motivational videos, read the inspirational stories of successful people. If I ask you what is common in their stories? Unanimously you all will answer a perfect morning routine. Acing your morning routine is like half the job done. The very first thing to reach there … Read more

Effective Ways for Running in Calf Pain

Experiencing calf pain is quite of common indication that you are doing a high-impact running session. Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced runner, anyone can have soreness in the calves. Practically, it ranges from sweet pain to debilitating pain, therefore, it should be stopped before it goes beyond your scope. There are … Read more

Multiple Advantages of Running Thrice a Week

If not today, every person who is conscious about his health, will include running in his daily routine. Running has multiple advantages from keeping your body healthy to maintaining your other medical profiles, running gives you the best results in every aspect. Thus, I have shared almost all kinds of information related to running in … Read more

Common Reasons that Causes Knee Pain in Runners

Being a runner, I feel that running is one of the weight-bearing forms of exercise so it results in a high risk for injuries. Also, it is a repetitive process that makes regular wear and tear of muscles and bones. Since knee pains and injuries are quite common and nearly 50% of the runners suffer … Read more

Hiking Boots vs. Trail Running Shoes

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hiker, you know that investing in footwear is a necessity. After all, you are on your feet for hours. And, wearing the wrong shoes can cut your adventures early on.  Hikers have varying opinions about what type of footwear to choose. Some swear on the reliability of … Read more

2 Methods for How To Lace Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Learn How to Lace Running Shoes for  Wide Feet If you are a runner and have wide feet, this is crucial for you to learn how to lace your running shoes for wide feet. This saves you from buying a new pair of shoes for the sake of comfort. This guide is aimed at teaching … Read more

5 Ways How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Are Your Shoes Too Tight? Stretch Them Easily at Home Almost every pair of running shoes you buy will take a few days to soften up and adjust to your feet. But, sometimes, you may end up buying a pair that is too tight for your feet. In such a case, the only option left … Read more